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Name Department Contact
Hackbarth-Onson, Annette
Assistant Campus Dean of Student Affairs
Student Affairs
(608) 647-6186, EXT. 223
Hagen, Patrick
CEO/Campus Dean
Office of the Dean
(608) 647 6186 x225
Hasburgh, Kasandra
Office Assistant; Text Rental/Bookstore LTE
Continuing Education, Library
(608) 647-6186 x227
Heath, Luke
Academic Alliance Instructor
Biological Sciences
(608) 847 4410 x4419
Henke, Daniel
Associate Lecturer
(608) 647-6186
Hill, Jordan
Writing Tutor; Associate Lecturer
Student Affairs, English
(608) 647-6186
Hoffman, Eric
Student Services Assistant
Student Affairs
(608) 647-6186
Hoffman, Gail
(608) 647-6186 x217