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Active learning and team work will be among your lessons.
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With an average class size of 21, UW-Richland students get personal attention to succeed and excel.
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At UW-Richland, you can begin virtually any major.
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The Miller Library offers comfortable places to study.
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The personal attention available to UW-Richland students is valuable and beneficial in helping you get the best start in college. UW-Richland faculty and staff are known for going the extra mile to help students succeed and excel during the critical first two years of college.

In addition to being great teachers and scholars, professors are approachable. You’ll find they’re willing to help, to answer your questions, to work with you. Advisors are readily available to help plan your class schedule, examine career choices, explain transfer options, and more.

Small classes with plenty of one-on-one attention make the transition to college less stressful. And the strong curriculum provides a solid foundation for success in future academics and careers.

Many UW-Richland students mark completion of the first half of a bachelor’s degree by earning the Associate of Arts & Science degree, taking the general education courses that provide a foundation for further studies. And with the Guaranteed Transfer Program, you’re insured admission to the UW four-year campus of your choice to complete your bachelor’s degree.

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