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Every UW-Richland student has their own personal faculty or staff academic advisor to help them plan their studies and navigate the university.
UW-Richland faculty are known for their friendly, helpful interaction with students.
Earn your UW associate degree and pay the lowest UW tuition.
It’s easy to get involved and be a leader—in sports, clubs, theatre, music and more.
Academic Advising
Friendly Faculty
Lowest UW Tuition
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Anyone who would like to earn a university degree will be considered for admission to the University of Wisconsin-Richland.

Applying early is helpful, especially if you are interested in applying for scholarships or other forms of financial aid. See the links at right for more information.

For more information about UW-Richland see our Visit Our Campus page for information on how to schedule a tour and to view our preview events.

For help during any part of the admissions process, contact: UW > HELP.

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