Paying for College

Save Money at UW-Richland

See how our tuition compares to other private and public liberal arts schools:

How We Compare: 2013-14 Tuition & Fees
Campus Tuition & Fees You Save
UW-Richland $5,379  
Edgewood College $24,666 $19,287
UW-Platteville $7,484 $2,105
UW-Milwaukee $9,300 $4,204
UW-Madison $10,403 $5,307

Planning for College Costs

Even though UW-Richland is one of 13 campuses with the lowest tuition and student fees in the UW System, paying for college still takes a lot of thinking and planning. The information in this section will help you make sound financial decisions.

Use the net price calculator to calculate an estimated amount that students like you paid -- after grant aid and scholarships, but before student loans -- to attend this institution in a given year.

For information on procedures and fees at UW-Richland, see the Business Services page.