Fine & Performing Arts

Join or attend performances of band, choir and ensembles. Contact music director TBA.

Art exhibits are held periodically on campus. Contact our art faculty member or director of the library Todd Roll for details.

All UW-Richland students have a membership in the community Concert Association series. For program details and dates of concerts, contact the student activities coordinator.

The UW-Richland Theatre is a campus-community theatre sponsored by the UW-Richland Department of Communication and Theatre Arts. Funded by a combination of ticket sales and student fees, UW-Richland Theatre typically produces one play a semester. Because the theatre facility is provided and maintained by the community, the production ensemble--both onstage and offstage--welcomes students and community members. This combination offers students the professional level and capabilities of an educational theatre, as well as enjoyment of the sense of "community." UW-Richland students have the opportunity to gain more experience and get more personal attention than they might receive at a larger campus, and they may work with talented and experienced mentors from the community.

For more information about the UW-Richland Theatre, please contact Zoie Eva Lutz.