“Big River” Cast announced

UW-Richland Theatre’s Huck Finn musical is now in rehearsal
By UW-Richland

Director Andrew Sharp has announced the names of those cast in the University of Wisconsin-Richland Theatre’s spring production, the Huck Finn musical “Big River.”

Cast/crew members include UW-Richland students and community people, with students indicated with an asterisk(*). They are listed by role, name and hometown.

Huckleberry Finn, Zac Larson, Richland Center;
Jim, Michael Starks, Muscoda;
Tom Sawyer, Logan Willis, Cazenovia ;
Widow Douglas, Kathleen Corey-Pittman, Richland Center;
Miss Watson, Michelle M. Goebel, Richland Center;
Judge Thatcher, David J. Brock, Richland Center;
Pap Finn, Gregg Schmitt, Richland Center;
Ben Rogers, Jonathon M. Cornell, Richland Center;
Jo Harper, Chay Schmitt, Richland Center;
Simon, Jacob Nachreiner, Richland Center;
Dick, Nick Aymon, Hillsboro;
Reginald, Gabriel Schmitt, Richland Center;
A Strange Woman, Sharon F. Zales, Richland Center;
The Duke, Jonathan Henreckson, Hillpoint;
The King, David Neff*, Muscoda;
Hank, David Savage-Lobeck, Viola;
Andy, Colton (Cody) Kruse-Hilt*, Viroqua
Lafe, Sterling Radcliffe Sauter, Hillsboro;
A Young Fool (Sings “Arkansas”), Nathan McDougal*, Avoca;
Sheriff Bell, Lance Maloney*, Richland Center;
Mary Jane Wilkes, Meagan Hanson*, Avoca;
Susan Wilkes, Agueda Redondo, Richland Center;
Joanna Wilkes, Tory Jackson*, Edgerton;
Counselor Robinson, Colt McBain Watson, Richland Center;
Harvey Wilkes, Alex Miller, Richland Center;
Alice, Fatou Dukuray*, Sun Prairie;
Alice's Daughter, Catherine Barnes*, Liberia;
Sally Phelps, Cindy L. Cooper, Richland Center;
Silas Phelps, William Westedt*, La Valle;
Doctor, Mark T. Baldridge*, Hillsboro;

Singing ensemble:
Victoria Kerian, Hillsboro;
Colleen Bruckner, Richland Center;
Melanie Leer, Richland Center;
Paul Carlson, Richland Center;
Mary Hanrahan, Richland Center;
Guitar, Eugene (Jimmy) Sklyarskiy*, Russia;
Musical Director, Erin Starks, Muscoda;
Assistant Director, Paul Carlson, Richland Center;
Assistant Director, Kim Mindham, Richland Center;
Lighting Designer: Brandon Merkle, Lone Rock;

Min Ho Cho*, South Korea;
Aejin Park*, South Korea;
Jihye Jeong*, South Korea; and
James Schipper*, Viroqua.

Rehearsals are underway preparing for three performances scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 4, 5 and 6 in the Coppertop Theatre on campus. For more information about “Big River,” contact the director by email at andrew.sharp@uwc.edu.



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