Chancellor Ray Cross honors UW-Richland’s John Poole with Career Award


John Poole, assistant dean for student services at the University of Wisconsin-Richland, was honored with a 2012 Career Award from the University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension.

UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor Ray Cross presented the award at the institutions’ Chancellor’s Awards Reception held September 20 in Madison. The annual Chancellor’s Awards recognize UW Colleges and UW-Extension partners, supporters and employees for their outstanding contributions to the quality of life in Wisconsin.

In giving the award, Cross praised Poole for generously supporting and advocating for thousands of UW-Richland since he joined the student services staff in 1971.Cross added, “The Chancellor’s Awards are a once-a-year celebration of UW Colleges’ and UWExtension’s valuablecontributions to lifelong learning, but the work of these two institutions is in evidence every day of the year in all 72 Wisconsin counties.

“Let us thank the 2012 awards recipients for protecting the environment, developing youth and adult leaders, reaching state residents with learning opportunities via cost-effective technologies, creating win-win collaborations and so much more, all with the goal of bringing university resources and knowledge to the people of our state.”

Nominators said that Poole, for more than four decades, has provided exceptional service to UW-Richland students.

Terry Sebranek, a financial advisor, and Jenna (Gander) Sebranek, candidate for an M.D. degree in 2013, both UW-Richland alumni and children of parents who were returning adult students at UW-Richland were among those who supported Poole’s nomination. They wrote, “John’s actions have inspired countless individuals to dream big, learn more, do more and become more. He always delivers more than he promises. John’s vision, initiative, patience, respect and persistence will live on forever at UW-Richland.”

Former UW-Richland CEO/Dean Dr. Dion Kempthorne, another supporter of Poole’s nomination, wrote, “I can think of no one more deserving of this recognition. He shows what a tremendous difference one person can make to the life of a campus past, present, and future. John understands and has shaped the identity of the Richland campus like nobody else.”

Poole has been instrumental in developing and maintaining the UW-Richland Alumni Association, the longest continuous such organization in the UW Colleges; in helping to develop the UW-Richland international program, the largest in the UW Colleges; in organizing the UW-Richland Scholarship Committee, with funding that is among the most of any in the UW Colleges; in developing the faculty advising program, helping the campus establish student housing, a concurrent enrollment program with area high schools, and many other initiatives. Nominators noted that he has fun with and enjoys students, and has also helped many cope with every kind of challenge that comes in life. At the same time, he manages well all the details of advising, financial aid, programming, recruiting, scheduling courses, student activities, tutoring and more.

UW Colleges is comprised of 13 freshman-sophomore campuses that offer an associate degree in arts and science and prepare students of all ages and backgrounds for baccalaureate and professional programs. UW-Extension includes Cooperative Extension offices in 72 counties and three tribal nations, 12 Small Business Development Centers, and outreach and e-learning programs delivered via the 26 UW System campuses and distance-learning channels, as well as the statewide networks of Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.


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