Cleveland joins UW-Richland faculty


Dr. John Cleveland has joined the University of Wisconsin-Richland faculty this fall as an assistant professor of mathematics.

“The campus is beautiful,” Cleveland said. “UW-Richland is at a place that it’s growing. How it grows, which direction, will depend in part on the community. The university doesn’t make decisions alone. My focus is on the question: How can I contribute to the growth of the community?”

Cleveland earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Louisiana Lafayette and wrote his dissertation on “Evolutionary Game Theory on Measure Spaces.” Quantum Game Theory is his primary research interest. He has a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and a bachelor’s degree, also in mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin.

He has taught math courses in Austin at the University of Texas and ITT Technical Institute, as well as at the University of Louisiana Lafayette and at Penn State University at State College Pennsylvania. At UW-Richland, he’s teaching an array of math courses, including, this fall, course in algebra, statistics and calculus. 

Cleveland has published articles in mathematics journals, given presentations and presented papers at national and international mathematics conferences. Awards and honors he’s earned include a Ford Foundation Fellowship by the National Research Council for Academic Excellence.

Born in Dallas and raised in Palestine, Texas, Cleveland comes to Richland Center most recently from Jackson, Tennessee.

Cleveland is a man with philosophical interests. In his leisure time, he enjoys contemplating and reading about the big questions, such as, he said, “What is real?” In particular he likes to consider math, physics, cognitive neural science—an array of perspectives—as he thinks about those big questions and seeks answers that are verifiable using the scientific method.

Contact Dr. Cleveland on campus by email at or by phone at (608) 647-6186, Extension 229.



Dorothy Thompson
608.647.6186, ext. 231