New freshmen honored with UW-Richland scholarships


Over 30 new University of Wisconsin-Richland freshmen will begin their UW education this fall with scholarship support from the UW-Richland Scholarship Program. More than 50 new freshmen scholarships have been presented to students from over 20 different schools. The scholarships were presented in recent weeks, most during high school awards ceremonies.

Boscobel High School
Ryan Mindham
                F. Margaret Barnes Memorial Scholarship ($1,500)

 Ryan Boebel
                Robert Staum Memorial Scholarship ($400)
                UW-Richland Opportunity Scholarship ($350)

Brookwood High School
Trent Eness
                Eunice Hayes Melvill Memorial Scholarship ($750)

Cashton High School
Mark Steger
                George & Dorothy Birkholz Memorial Scholarship ($800)
                William Walton Hall Memorial Scholarship ($500)
                Eunice Hayes Melvill Memorial Scholarship ($200)

Eagle School/Richland Center
Annalyn Montieth
                Wisconsin Public Power & Richland Center Utilities Scholarship ($2,000)

Ruben Orozco
                Francis & Betty Durst Memorial Scholarship ($550)
                Bonny Harvey Memorial Scholarship ($200)

 Luke Coleman
                Rotary-Steve Kennedy Memorial Scholarship ($500)
                Edmund Gust Memorial Scholarship ($250)

Highland High School
Emily Drews
                Academic Excellence Scholarship ($2,250)
                UW-Richland Opportunity Scholarship ($2,000)

Hillsboro High School
Connor Brown
                Eunice Hayes Melvill Memorial Scholarship ($300)

Madison Vande Hey
                Joe & Mae Smart Memorial Scholarship ($800)

Ithaca High School
Emily Stafford
                Wallace, Cooper & Elliott Insurance Company Scholarship ($250)

Kickapoo High School
Krista Lessard
                Eunice Hayes Melvill Memorial Scholarship ($300)

Madison East High School
Aryn Kinney
                UW-Richland Opportunity Scholarship ($300)

Mequon Homestead High School
Caleb Hill
                Kusayama International Scholarship ($225)
                UW-Richland Opportunity Scholarship ($275)

Middleton High School
Kyoko Dahl
                The Woods Memorial Scholarship ($750)

Montessori High School/Milwaukee
Roy Jones
                The Patch Family Scholarship ($400)
                UW-Richland Opportunity Scholarship ($350)

North Crawford High School
Hollie Martin
                Richland Physicians Scholarship ($500)
                Helen Toms Memorial Scholarship ($250)

Megan Gillespie              
UW-Richland Opportunity Scholarship ($300)

Oregon High School
Claire Joyce
                UW-Richland Alumni Association Scholarship ($300)
                UW-Richland Opportunity Scholarship ($450)

Reedsburg Area High School
Hannah Syftestad
                UW-Richland Alumni Association Ruth Dobbs Memorial Scholarship ($500)

Richland Center High School
Stephen Felton
                Academic Excellence Scholarship ($2,250)
                Mora and Garrison Lincoln Scholarship ($1,500)

 Shannon Drea
                Jennifer Andres Memorial Scholarship ($1,200)

 Melissa Houman
                St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus Scholarship ($600)
                Mora and Garrison Lincoln Scholarship ($150)

John Hassell
                Richland Center Kiwanis Club Scholarship ($500)
                Carter & Georgia Davis Harrison Memorial Scholarship ($250)

Antwan Latif
                St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus Scholarship ($600)

Clarissa Jones
                Richland Center Fire Department Scholarship ($150)

Riverdale High School
Austin Williamson
                Family Thrift Shop Scholarship ($400)
                Wallace, Cooper & Elliott Insurance Company Scholarship ($250)

River Valley High School
Katilyn Peck
                Kanable-Birkett Scholarship ($500)
                UW-Richland Opportunity Scholarship ($250)

Viroqua High School
BreAnna Eno
                Eunice Hayes Melvill Memorial Scholarship ($750)

Wauzeka-Steuben High School
Stephanie Check
                Boscobel Area Sportsmen’s Club Scholarship ($500)
                Robert Kinder Scholarship ($250)

Weston High School
Kelly Biba
                Academic Excellence Scholarship ($2250)
                Helen Toms Memorial Scholarship ($2,000)

 Tara Breneman
                Ardis & Edgar Sengstock Memorial Scholarship ($450)
                UW-Richland Opportunity Scholarship ($300)

Wonewoc-Center High School
Nicholas Aponte
                UW-Richland Opportunity Scholarship ($300)

In addition to these freshmen awards, the UW-Richland Scholarship Program made awards for 2013-2014 to continuing UW-Richland students and to UW-Richland students who have completed their UW-Richland studies and are moving on to complete their bachelor’s degrees. The UW-Richland Scholarship Program typically awards up to $100,000 each year. For more information about the UW-Richland Scholarship Program, see the campus website at or call the Office of Student Affairs at (608) 647-6186, Option 3.  ###


Dorothy Thompson
608.647.6186, ext. 231