Quintessence showcases the best student art & writing


“My dad was impressed at how much my writing has improved,” said Allyson Hastings, Viroqua, one of the University of Wisconsin-Richland students whose assignment was selected for publication in Quintessence 2012, a publication intended to honor achievers and provide models of excellence to new students. “The two English courses I’ve taken here have really helped me express myself. I feel honored and it gives me something to work for next year.”

Copies of Quintessence 2012 were made available to students during the first week of the semester, in part so that new students can see examples of exemplary course work. For Hastings, it was her English composition essay entitled “Is Family Guy Going Too Far?” that was chosen.

Other students whose work is included are:

  • Osama Abdl-Haleem, Muscoda, math solution, “The Quickest Way to Win a Wife”
  • Janelle Anderson, LaFarge, research paper, “The Observation of Optimal Foraging Patterns in the Eastern Gray Squirrel”
  • Noah Bradley, Cazenovia, literary analysis, “Acceptance of Intelligent Design versus Evolutionary Theory in Inherit the Wind”
  • Desmond Hardy-Linsy, Milwaukee, charcoal drawing, “Portrait of Jordan”
  • Hyun-June Kim, South Korea, watercolor, “Disintegration” 
  • Ruifu (Ray) Ma, China, essay “1,440 Minutes or 86,400 Seconds”
  • Emily Rebhan, Cazenovia, speech, “Your Government. Your Voice”
  • Hannah Sweet, Hillsboro, charcoal drawing, “Portrait of Anthony”
  • Erin Unbehaun, Richland Center, chemistry autobiography of an element “Bio Wars”
  • Kim Wagner, Richland Center, mixed media three-dimensional design, “Untitled”

Some are continuing their studies at the Richland Center freshman-sophomore campus, while others have transferred to continue their studies at campuses that include UW-Madison and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Members of the Quintessence committee are faculty and staff who met over the summer to select, compile and prepare the publication. Serving on the 2012 Quintessence committee were associate professor of physics/computer science/engineering, chair; Sheryl Skibba of the English department; Dr. Steven Duval of the art department; and Lisa Behling, Student Services coordinator. For more information about Quintessence 2012, call UW-Richland at (608) 647-6186.


Dorothy Thompson
(608) 647-6186, Extension 231