Scholarships presented to transferring students

At UW-Richland Graduation & Awards Night 2011

UW-Richland students who are completing their studies on the Richland Center UW campus were awarded scholarships at Graduation and Awards Night on May 6. These awards are designated for students transferring, going on to complete their bachelor degrees.

Awarded transfer scholarships were:

  • Ahmad Abdl-Haleem , Muscod: Clara Westerdahl Memorial Scholarship ($900) 
  • Alyssa Allbaugh, Richland Center: Jerry & Fran Cooper UW-Richland/UW-Platteville Endowed Scholarship ($750); Mora & Garrison Lincoln Scholarship ($250) 
  • Teigen Haye, Tomah: Helen Toms Memorial Scholarship ($500) 
  • Vince Heal, Viola: Richland County Bank Scholarship ($500) 
  • Terra Kilkeary, Richland Center: Mora & Garrison Lincoln Scholarship ($500) 
  • Sarah Luing, Norwalk: UW-Richland Staff-Faculty Scholarship ($500) 
  • Allison Preuss, Elroy: Sheafor Family Scholarship ($550 per year for two years) 
  • David Thering, Plain: Jerry & Fran Cooper UW-Richland/UW-Platteville Endowed Scholarship ($750) 
  • Wai Him (Brian) Yam, Hong Kong: Clara Westerdahl Memorial Scholarship ($900)

The Regent Thomas A. Loftus Graduation Speaker’s Award was also presented during the ceremony. This $500 award, recognizing her election as president of the UW-Richland Student Senate for 2011-2012, went to continuing UW-Richland student Sarah Schultz, Richland Center.

In addition to these scholarships, additional scholarships are awarded to continuing UWRichland students and to students who will be new freshmen in the fall. Continuing student scholarship recipients will be recognized during Convocation ceremonies next fall. New freshmen awards are being presented at high school awards ceremonies being held this spring. In total, about $100,000 in scholarship will be awarded through the program. The UW-Richland Scholarship Program is administered by the Richland County Campus Foundation. For more information on the UW-Richland Scholarship Program, call the campus at (608) 647-6186.


Dorothy Thompson
(608) 647-6186, Extension 231