University of Wisconsin-Richland Bookstore to be operated by Neebo

By UW-Richland

A transition that offers students more options is taking place at the University of Wisconsin-Richland. The UW-Richland Bookstore will be operated by Neebo, Inc. Students will have options to buy or rent used or new textbooks. Campus logo wear and other merchandise will also be available.

Neebo was selected after a comprehensive and inclusive process because the committee involving students, faculty and administrators found that Neebo provides:

  • Availability of rentable books: Any textbook that is rentable will be available through the new system.
  • Best Price Promise: If a customer finds a textbook for less than the UW-Richland Bookstore price, the customer can buy the book for 10 percent less than the price at the competing store.
  • Focus on excellent service: Training for bookstore employees so they can best assist students and other guests .
  • Convenient e-commerce platform: Guests can choose their favorite way to purchase textbooks and merchandise—in the on-campus store located in the Miller Library or online.
  • Competitive prices for apparel, supplies and gifts: The store will offer the brands guests want at a variety of competitive price levels. There will something for everyone.

Work on the transition is underway and is expected to be complete prior to the beginning of fall classes. One change is that students planning to rent texts will need to have access to a credit card. While texts can be purchased with cash, credit card or check, a credit card must be on file for any rentals.

For more information about the UW-Richland Bookstore, contact Dundee McNair, UW-Richland assistant campus dean for administrative services by email at or by calling the campus at (608) 647-6186, Extension 234. For more information about UW-Richland, visit the campus website at



Dorothy Thompson
608.647.6186, ext. 231