UW‐Richland chemist advances: Fetterly promoted


Dr. Brandon Fetterly, a member of the University of Wisconsin‐Richland faculty since August of 2005, was recently promoted to associate professor.

Students in his lab and lecture courses enjoy Fetterly’s enthusiasm. Being enthusiastic is easy for him because, he explains, “I not only love teaching butI have a passion for chemistry.”

His research and exceptional service to students have been recognized with awards. In 2010, he was recognized with a Tetrahedron Most Cited Paper 2006‐2009 Award,for a paper entitled “[HP(HNCH2CH2)3NNO3]: An Efficient Homogeneous and Solid‐supported Promoter for Aza‐ and Thia‐ Michael Reactions and for Strecker Reactions”.On campus, his work was acknowledged in 2007 when he was named recipient of the Kaplan Award for improving service to students, and UW‐Richland students recognized his accessibility, involvement and support of campus life in 2006 by naming him Roadrunner of the Year.

Fetterly has presented scholarly work numerous times at national meetings of the American Chemical Society, most of it related to teaching chemistry. He co‐authored an article related to the chemistry of biodiesel fuel, published in Energy&Fuels, as well as articles in chemistry and organic chemistry journals.

As a partner in preparing four successful grant proposals, Fetterly has helped upgrade the UW‐Richland chemistry lab, obtain lab equipment, and enhance student learning. Students praise Fetterly for his willingness to help, his sense of fun and humor, and they say that he actually makes chemistry interesting. Fetterly, in turn, finds satisfaction is seeing his students grow in their understanding of science.

“All of my hard work pays off when one of my students brings me their acceptance letter to graduate or professional school,” he said. “It’s seeing them succeed that provides more satisfaction than anything I could do myself.”

A Wisconsin native, Fetterly joined the UW‐Richland faculty just after completing his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Iowa State University in 2005. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and mathematics in 1999 at St.Norbert College.

At UW‐Richland he teaches general and introductory chemistry courses. Fetterly can speak or consult on most topics in general or organic chemistry. His special interests are polymer chemistry, chemical safety, and biorenewable fuels and materials.

Fetterly serves in the community as the vice‐chair of the Local Emergency Planning Committee for Richland County. On campus, he chairs the Curriculum Committee and is the faculty representative to the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference, the athletic conference of which Roadrunner teams are members. He currently serves on the UW Colleges Chemistry Department executive committee and the Institutional Safety Oversight Committee.

“My greatest accomplishment,” he said, “is the loving family that supports me in all that I do.”

Fetterly, his wife Heather, and their children live in Richland Center, close enough to the campus that he can conveniently walk to his classroom/office/lab area in Science Hall. For more information, contact Fetterly on campus by calling (608) 647‐6186, Extension 103 orby e‐mail at brandon.fetterly@uwc.edu.


Dorothy Thompson
(608) 647-6186, Extension 231