UW-Richland Fall 2010 Dean’s List announced


University of Wisconsin - Richland campus executive officer and dean Dr. Patrick Glenn Hagen has announced the names of students recognized for their academic achievements during the fall 2010 semester which ended in December.

To be named to the Dean’s List, a full-time student must complete a minimum of 12 credits. Part-time students are eligible when they have completed at least 15 credits with a cumulative grade point average (gpa) of 3.5 and have carried at least three credits during the current semester.

Highest Honors are awarded those earning a gpa of 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. High Honors are awarded students earning a 3.99 - 3.75. Students earning a 3.74 - 3.5 are awarded Honors.

Highest Honors

Full-time students awarded Highest Honors are: 

  • Jeffrey Devine, Boscobel
  • Qiting (Katy) Feng, China/Richland Center
  • Nicholas Manke, Hillsboro
  • Kelli Michek, Muscoda
  • Beau Schroeder, Viroqua
  • Bronson Schultz, Wilton
  • Sarah Schultz, Richland Center
  • Phillip Sime, Viroqua

High Honors

Full-time students awarded High Honors are:

  • Alyssa Allbaugh, Richland Center
  • Jenelle Anderson, LaFarge
  • Jake Bartlein, Hillsboro
  • Garrett Benzing, Sparta
  • Christina Beranek, Richland Center
  • Arica Burke, Ithaca
  • Ryan Felton, Richland Center
  • Sarah Frank, Richland Center
  • John Gambrell, Hillsboro
  • Elizabeth Govier, Prairie du Chien
  • Teigen Haye, Tomah
  • Roseanne Johnson, Richland Center
  • Stephanie Johnson, Sun Prairie
  • Terra Kilkeary, Richland Center
  • Hyun-June (John) Kim, South Korea/Richland Center
  • Kun (Kevin) Kim, South Korea/Richland Center
  • Anna Korb, Richland Center
  • Sadie Lewis, Avoca
  • Sarah Luing, Norwalk
  • Allison Preuss, Elroy
  • Talina Salzgeber, Boscobel
  • Lilit (Lily) Saribekyan, Armenia/Richland Center
  • Jared Snyder, Spring Green
  • Nicole Vlasak, Elroy
  • MinShi (Joanna) Wan, China/Richland Center
  • Colt Watson, Richland Center
  • Tori Wegner, LaFarge
  • Jason Winchel, LaFarge
  • Waihim (Brian) Yam, Hong Kong/Richland Center

Shanna Yoose, a part-time student from Richland Center, earned High Honors.


Full-time students awarded Honors are: 

  • Osama Abdl-Haleem, Muscoda
  • Steven Bauer, Richland Center
  • Kyle Biba, Loganville
  • Robert Brookens, Lone Rock
  • Aamon Cipra, Arena
  • Elizabeth Deitelhoff, Cazenovia
  • Josh Joseph, Viola
  • Paul Jozwiak, Lodi
  • Eun-young (Kim) Kim, South Korea/Richland Center
  • Steven Palmer, LaFarge
  • Danielle Peterson, Hillsboro
  • Jesse Pingel, Wilton
  • Jennifer Rule, Dodgeville
  • Jessica Schmitt, Plain
  • Lacey Seep, Cazenovia
  • Emily Simonson, Lone Rock
  • Elizabeth Stromer, Boscobel
  • Kaitlin White, Richland Center
  • Angeline Winchel, LaFarge 

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Dorothy Thompson
(608) 647-6186, Extension 231