UW-Richland Fall 2013 Dean’s List announced


University of Wisconsin-Richland Campus Executive Officer and Dean Dr. Patrick Glenn Hagen has announced the names of students recognized for their academic achievements during the fall 2013 semester which ended in December.

To be named to the Dean’s List, a full-time student must complete a minimum of 12 credits. Part-time students are eligible when they have completed at least 15 credits with a cumulative grade point average (gpa) of 3.5 and have carried at least three credits during the current semester.

Highest Honors are awarded those earning a gpa of 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. High Honors are awarded students earning a 3.99 - 3.75. Students earning a 3.74 - 3.5 are awarded Honors.

Highest Honors

                Full-time students awarded Highest Honors are:

Ryan Boebel, Avoca;
Emily Drews, Muscoda;
Tyler Ewing, Muscoda;
Timothy Gander, Richland Center;
Cara Manning, Lone Rock;
Li (Blaire) Moyuan, China;
Bridget Ravis, Richland Center;
Emily Rebhan, Cazenovia;
Eduardo Salinas, Venezuela;
Madison Vande Hay, Boscobel; and
Yang Yang, Beijing, China.

Part-time students who earned Highest Honors are:

Leslie Ewing, Muscoda;
Kimberly Hisel, Richland Center, Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences program;
Cynthia O’Halloran, Richland Center; and
Beth Wagner, Eastman.


High Honors

                Full-time students awarded High Honors are:

Khalid Abdl-Haleem, Muscoda;
Sumi Chi, South Korea;
Stephanie Cooper, Richland Center;
Mariah Enerson, Lone Rock;
Stephen Felton, Richland Center;
Misty Hirschfield, Readstown;
Jihye Jeong, South Korea;
Claire Joyce, Oregon, WI;
Tsz Fung (Timmy) Kwan, Kowloon, Hong Kong;
Seth Manke, Cashton;
Hollie Martin, Gays Mills;
Patrisha Richardson, Boscobel;
Anna Schellhorn, Gays Mills;
Mark Steger, Cashton;
Joshua Stohr, Viroqua; and
Yifei (Lisa) Wang, Huilong, China;


                Part-time student Silberio Pena-Wellner, Prairie du Chien, earned High Honors.


                Full-time students awarded Honors are:

Tami Alexander, Richland Center;
Nora Anders, Viroqua;
Hannah Breininger, Richland Center;
Shannon Drea, Plain;
Yingzhe (Becky) Du, China;
Timothy Fortun, Viola;
Vince Helgerson, Union Center;
Kami Klossowski, Cazenovia;
Ka Yin (Jennifer) Lau, Hong Kong;
Megan Miller, Muscoda;
Hannah Munger, West Salem;
Ashley Rasque, Spring Green;
Rebecca Smith, Richland Center;
Andrea Sanger, Lancaster;
Jenna Storms, Richland Center;
Wesley Sweet, Tomah;
Yangfan (Timothy) Tong, China; and
Yiyi (Bill) Zhao, China.


                Part-time student Jayne Cler, Richland Center, earned Honors.

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