At UW-Richland Quintessence 2010 is published

Student work is recognized, creators honored

University of Wisconsin-Richland students whose writing or other creative work was selected for publication in Quintessence 2010, a publication of the best in student course work from last year, were recently recognized and a book signing was held on campus. Quintessence publication honors those whose work is included and provides models of excellence to all.

Those whose work is included in Quintessence 2010 are: 

  • Emerson Aagaard, Richland Center, a musical composition entitled “1-c” 
  • Jeff Bakken, Cross Plains, an essay entitled “A Glimpse of Wisconsin Oak Savanna: Past and Present”
  • Nate Berglin, Richland Center, a book review entitled “No ground for Compromise” 
  • Stephanie Bloedow, Hillsboro, a World History test essay 
  • Robert Brookens, Lone Rock, two essays—one entitled “The Demise of the Muscle Car” and the other entitled “Transitioning from a Career to the Classroom” 
  • Mallory Fargen, Readstown, an essay entitled “Sibling Rivalry in Terms of Tone and Narrative Voice”
  • Preston Fieldhouse, Richland Center, cover art, untitled
  • John Gambrell, Hillsboro, an essay entitled “Students D (es) ire Responsibility”
  • Motoya Higashi, Matsusaka-shi, Japan, a poem entitled “Money Flow in Life Flow”
  • Austin Jones, Prairie du Chien, art work entitled “Self-Portrait”
  • Terra Kilkeary, Richland Center, a summary entitled “Get Me Out of Here”
  • Megan Olson, Hillsboro, an untitled art work
  • Thor Rothering, Richland Center, an untitled art work
  • Kimberly Schnurr, Elroy, a piece entitled “Faulkner Comparative Book Review”
  • Erin Unbehaun, Richland Center, an essay entitled “Self-Defense Your Honor”
  • Kaitlin White, Richland Center, a World History class essay

Co-chairs of the Quintessence 2010 committee are associate professor of computer science/physics/astronomy Clifton Cavanaugh and associate professor of biology Dr. Scott Walter. Other members who served on that committee were associate professor of history Dr. Aharon Zorea, student services coordinator Kathy Neckar, and English instructor Sheryl Skibba.

For more information about Quintessence 2010, contact Cavanaugh by e-mail at or by calling the campus at (608) 647-6186, Extension 111.


Dorothy Thompson
(608) 647-6186, Extension 231