UW-Richland Spring 2012 Dean’s List announced


University of Wisconsin - Richland Campus Executive Officer and Dean Dr. Patrick Glenn Hagen has announced the names of students recognized for their academic achievements during the spring 2012 semester which ended in May.

To be named to the Dean’s List, a full-time student must complete a minimum of 12 credits. Part-time students are eligible when they have completed at least 15 credits with a cumulative grade point average (gpa) of 3.5 and have carried at least three credits during the current semester. Highest Honors are awarded those earning a gpa of 4.0 on a 4.0 scale. High Honors are awarded students earning a 3.99 - 3.75. Students earning a 3.74 - 3.5 are awarded Honors.

Highest Honors

Full-time students awarded Highest Honors are:

Janelle Anderson, LaFarge
Roseanne Johnson, Richland Center
Steven Karr, Jr., Richland Center
Jae Suk Kim, South Korea
Tsz Ming Lai, Hong Kong
Santana Marroquin, Richland Center
Arianna Wiinamaki, Richland Center
Junjie (JJ) Yuan, China

Part-time students who earned Highest Honors are:

Kathryn Crofton, Richland Center
KayDee Maxwell, Arena
Shelly Reyzek, Richland Center
Ardie Vallem, Richland Center

High Honors

Full-time students awarded High Honors are:

Christina Beranek, Richland Center;
Kyle Biba, Loganville
Arica Burke, Richland Center
Andreas Degen, Switzerland
Jared Dobbs, Richland Center
Daniel Grill, Richland Center
Allyson Hastings, Viroqua
Wenxin Hu, China;
Paul Jozwiak, Lodi
Ji Hyun (Joyce) Kim, South Korea
Anna Korb, Richland Center
Sadie Lewis, Avoca
Nathan Mindham, Blue River
Chin Leang Ong, Malaysia
Jordan Perry, Cashton
Joshua Sadorf, LaFarge
Britni Schraufnagel, Hillsboro
Sun-Ah Shin, South Korea
Hannah Sweet, Hillsboro
Minh Tran, Vietnam
Nicole Vlasak, New Lisbon
Minshi (Joanna) Wan, China
Jason Winchel, LaFarge

Part-time students earning High Honors are:

John Gambrell, Hillsboro
Cheryl Hoeper, Richland Center


Full-time students awarded Honors are:

Stephanie Bartels, Hillsboro
Kaitlyn Bauer, Cazenovia
Garrett Benzing, Sparta
Noah Bradley, Cazenovia
Priscilla Breininger, Richland Center
Yik Han (Connie) Ching, Hong Kong
Drew Frey, Boscobel
Trevor Gibbons, Camp Douglas
Bohan Hao, China
Seth Heynoski, Arena
Tino Hinke, Netherlands
Krysta Jonietz, Norwalk
Joshua Joseph, Viola
Casey Michek, Muscoda
Jenna Mueller, Hillsboro
Callie Pinkstaff, Richland Center
Natasha Sanoy, Cazenovia
Breanne Schraufnagel, Hillsboro
Emily Seep, Cazenovia
Christopher Spies, Muscoda
Angeline Winchel, LaFarge
Alex Wontor, Richland Center
Deasick Woo, South Korea
Jennifer Zahn, Cashton

Part-time student earning Honors are:
Emerson Aagaard, Richland Center
Rory McCluskey, Hillpoint
Jennifer Walker, Richland Center

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