UW‐Richland student authors & artists honored: Quintessence 2011


University of Wisconsin‐Richland students whose writing and other creative work was selected for publication in Quintessence 2011, a book of the best in student course work from the past academic year, were recently recognized and a book signing was held on campus. Quintessence publication honors those whose work is included and provides models of
excellence to all. 

Jake Bartlein, Hillsboro, wrote the concert review entitled “Musical Couple Makes for a Magnificent Matinee.” Erica Burke, Richland Center, is the author of “To Preserve theDesert, Stay Away,” an essay.

Quiting (Kitty) Feng, China; Minshi (Joanna) Wan, China; Sue E. Miller, Richland Center; and Emily Simonson, Lone Rock, worked as a team conduct research and report on “Drinking and the College Student: The effects drinking has on a college student.” Myranda Hege, Richland Center, wrote the short story “Pepper: A Short Tale.”Hyun‐June Kim, South Korea, created a plaster carving, “Venus de Milo,” an image of which is included in Quintessence 2011. 

Sarah Schultz, Richland Center, wrote the article entitled “Teeter Tutor on theHybrid.” Jeong‐Won (Francesca) Shin, South Korea, is the author of an autobiographical essay about the challenges of speaking English entitled “Seriously, let’s go Chicago.” Leandra Straka, Richland Center, wrote two in‐class essay exams chosen for publication—one from her Film as Social History course and the other from U.S.History after 1877. Patrick Sullivan, Cazenovia, created the art used on the cover and back cover of the book. Both works are untitled drawings.

Serving on the Quintessence 2011 editorial board were chair Clif Cavanaugh, associate professor of computer science/physics/astronomy;Dr. Aharon Zorea, associate professor of history; Sheryl Skibba, English instructor; and Student Services coordinators Lisa Behling and Lindsay Heiser.

For more information about Quintessence 2011, contact Cavanaugh by e‐mail at clifton.cavanaugh@uwc.edu or by calling the campus at (608) 647‐6186, Extension 111.


Dorothy Thompson
(608) 647-6186, Extension 231