UW-Richland student work presented at “Posters in the Rotunda”

Dara Foust shares research

The research of Dara Foust, a University of Wisconsin-Richland student from Richland Center, was on display in the Capitol in Madison on Wednesday, April 6. Her work was included in the 8th annual “Posters in the Rotunda: A Celebration of Undergraduate Research” that featured the original research of nearly 100 students from across the University of Wisconsin System.

Entitled “Marriage of Career and Passion,” Foust’s research combined internet searches and a personal interview to help her define a major and prepare to pursue it.

Foust’s project was developed during an independent study course with UW-Richland associate lecturer of English Sheryl Skibba, who served as her research advisor and accompanied her as she presented her research poster in Madison.

“Both Dara and I learned a great deal at ‘Posters in the Rotunda,’” Skibba said. “It was a positive, beneficial experience that allowed us access and discovery of other undergraduate research. I am extremely proud of Dara as she provided a thorough explanation of her project for all visitors stopping by her poster. She received, as did all the other student participants, a beautiful certificate of participation.”

Skibba added, “When students have access to discovery through research, they often recognize the benefits of utilizing their resources, along with the merits of lifelong learning through interactions with their peers and instructors. Research actively promotes curiosity, as well as theability to find potential solutions, which serves to benefit them as students and members of society while enriching multiple communities.”

That, indeed, was the experience for Foust. “The most valuable thing I gained was developing a personal contact with a board certified music therapist who provided me with much practical advice based on her personal experience,” Foust said. “When I was presenting my research at ‘Posters in the Rotunda,’ I discovered how much my passion for music therapy affected me as well as those who stopped to discuss my research—students and professionals.”

Foust’s research grew out of her own decision-making process related to discovering an appropriate major. She enjoys music and has participated in band, choir, and taken an array of music lessons. In addition, she enjoys service as a hospital volunteer. The research helped her focus on finding a major that blends these interests. She was pleased to share her research because the method might be of interest and use to others who are making similar decisions. As part of her project, Foust developed a blog www.appreciationofsound.blogspot.com .

For more information about Foust’s project, contact her faculty mentor Sheryl Skibba by e-mail at sheryl.skibba@uwc.edu or by calling the campus at (608) 647-6186, Extension 243.

“Posters in the Rotunda” is an annual event to celebrate and share the breadth of undergraduate research taking place on UW System campuses. For more information about the event, visit www.wisconsin.edu/posters online.


Dorothy Thompson
(608) 647-6186, Extension 231