UW-Richland Students Awarded Degrees


University of Wisconsin - Richland students recently awarded the Associate of Arts & Science degree are:

  • Alyssa Allbaugh, Richland Center, Summa Cum Laude
  • Anthony Aspenson, Cazenovia
  • Jake Bartlein, Hillsboro
  • Nathaniel Berglin, Richland Center
  • Meghan Biba, Boscobel
  • Kerian Brown, Jamaica
  • Cassandra Cable, Hill Point
  • Michele Campbell, Richland Center
  • Jae Won Choi, South Korea
  • Jordan Curtis, Richland Center
  • Jake Dederich, Richland Center
  • Preston Fieldhouse, Richland Center
  • Emily Frank, Richland Center
  • Vince Heal, Hillsboro
  • Devin Hoeper, Richland Center
  • Jordan Johnson, LaFarge
  • Sarah Jones, Viroqua
  • Terra Kilkeary, Kenosha, Cum Laude, emphasis in psychology
  • Christian Killian, Lone Rock
  • Jesse Knutson, Hillsboro
  • Trisha Libansky, Richland Center
  • Sarah Luing, Norwalk, Cum Laude
  • Nicholas Manke, Hillsboro, Summa Cum Laude
  • Matthew Marshall, Viola
  • Troy Marshall, Westby
  • Joshua McCluskey, Hillpoint
  • Elizabeth McGrath, Spring Green
  • Brenda Olson, Richland Center
  • Lyndsey Olson, Hillsboro
  • Megan Olson, Hillsboro
  • Jennifer Ottman, Blue River, emphasis in theatre arts
  • Danielle Peterson, Hillsboro, Magna Cum Laude
  • Abigail Pierson, Fitchburg
  • Jesse Pingel, Wilton, emphasis in theatre arts
  • Jennifer Rule, Dodgeville
  • Johnathan Seymour, Genoa
  • Elizabeth Stevens, Richland Center
  • Leandra Straka, Richland Center
  • Joshua Stromer, Boscobel
  • David Thering, Plain
  • Tanya Van Risseghem, Muscoda
  • Colt Watson, Richland Center, Cum Laude
  • Kaitlin White, Richland Center, Cum Laude
  • Rachel Widner, Westby
  • Ryan Wilson, Richland Center
  • David Withers, Hillsboro, emphasis in history
  • Waihim (Brian) Yam, Hong Kong, Summa Cum Laude
  • Noah Young, Viola
  • Tyrel Zimmerman, Madison
  • Ryan Zoellick, Hillpoint 
  • Logan Zuelke, Tomah

Students awarded the UW Colleges Associate of Arts & Science degree have successfully completed a minimum of 60 prescribed credits. The Associate of Arts & Science degree is the foundation for many majors in the UW System and is generally accepted by University of Wisconsin institutions as fulfilling university-wide, college and school general education requirements. The Associate of Arts & Science degree aims to provide qualified students of all ages and backgrounds with the proficiencies and breadth of knowledge that prepare them for baccalaureate and professional programs, for lifelong learning and leadership, service and responsible citizenship. 


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