UW-Richland students elect student government officers

By UW-Richland

University of Wisconsin-Richland students elected Student Senate officers who will represent the student body and provide leadership during the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year. Voting for the executive board/officer positions took place April 28 and 29.

Madison Vande Hey, Boscobel, was elected president in a seven-way write-in contest.

Tsz Fung (Timmy) Kwan, an international student from Hong Kong, ran unopposed and will serve as vice president.

 Rikki Cupp, Blue River, was elected secretary in a contested race against Patrisha Richardson, Boscobel.

James Schipper, Viroqua, was elected treasurer by a single vote in a close contest with Chu Qi (Evis) Li, an international student from China.

President Vande Hey said, “I think student government should encourage students to do their best in school, while helping them enjoy their college experience. Students need to remember the reason that they are going to college is to mainly further their education and have some fun, not one or the other. Next year, I will have a full load of difficult classes, so I hope to successfully juggle my family, classes, homework, friends, and duties as president next year. I feel the job as president will help me cultivate this multitasking ability.” Chemistry and physics are her strongest academic interests, though she has not yet declared a major.

The four newly elected officers will meet over the summer to attend to student government business and to plan early fall activities.

Student Senate is the governmental body representing students on campus. Student representatives are full voting members on the faculty/staff/student committees that govern the campus. An additional 12 representatives, including both freshmen and sophomores, will be chosen for Student Senate in elections to be held next fall. In addition to governance work, Student Senate sets the social calendar, plans and organizes an array of activities. Incoming freshmen and others interested in learning more about Student Senate can contact advisor Karen Stoltz by e-mail at karen.stoltz@uwc.edu  or by calling (608) 647-6186, Extension 239.          ###


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