At UW-Richland this year: 6 valedictorians


The University of Wisconsin-Richland is pleased to have among the student body this year, six who were the top academic students in their high school graduating class.

Kelly Biba, Loganville, was valedictorian of the 2013 class at Weston High School. She hasn’t yet decided on a major or a career; she’s exploring options. She loves to go snowmobiling and has been a pianist for 11 years.

Hannah Breininger, Richland Center, was valedictorian of the class of 2012 at Richland Center’s Eagle High School. She plans a major in history and is considering a career as a history teacher. An active member of UW-Richland’s History Club, she’s also a Roadrunner soccer player, member of the campus Phi Theta Kappa honor society and she plans to try something new this year—join the Roadrunner women’s basketball team. She also likes to sing.

Emily Drews, Muscoda, was the Highland High School class of 2013 valedictorian. She’s considering a major in library science and the possibility of a career as a librarian. A member of Intervarsity Fellowship, she likes to knit and read.

Stephen Felton, Richland Center, was the Richland Center High School class of 2013 valedictorian. He’s considering a major in computer science and a career in information technology.  He finds his work as a UW-Richland student IT worker especially enjoyable and beneficial—gaining practical experience while he learns and earns. He’s a member of the UW-Richland Gamer’s Club. During his high school years, he was drummer for the local rock band Feedback.

Bridget Ravis, Richland Center, was valedictorian of the Richland Center High School class of 2012. She plans a major in nursing and a career as a nurse practitioner, so it’s no surprise she’s a member of the UW-Richland Future Nurses Club. UW-Richland Theatre fans probably recognize her from her roles on the Coppertop stage. “I love to travel!” she said. “Most recently I spent 15 days studying abroad with the UW Colleges in Ghana during the summer of 2013. I have also traveled to Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Haiti, and Bolivia.”

Anna Schellhorn, Gays Mills, was valedictorian of North Crawford High School class of 2012. She plans a major in speech pathology and intends to transfer to UW-Eau Claire. This yearat UW-Richland, she serves as treasurer to Student Senate, vice president of Phi Theta Kappa honor society, and as a campus Ambassador. For fun, she enjoys running and has entered 5k and 5-miles races—one that took her to Hawaii.

Annette Hackbarth-Onson, assistant campus dean for student affairs said, “These and all students have lots of opportunities at UW-Richland in terms of academics and campus involvement.  The individualized attention from faculty helps students explore coursework in depth.  Students benefit from personal interaction with faculty who can later assist them with references or advising and guidance within academic programs.  These are among the unique benefits of attending a small college.  Faculty and staff get to know students and assist them with continued academic achievement.”

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