“Wisconsin Under the Sea” lecture by UW-Richland geologist Dr. Norlene Emerson

On Wisconsin Public Television February 19

Tune in to Wisconsin Public Television’s award-winning University Place program at 3:29pm on Tuesday, February 19 and you’ll see a lecture entitled “Wisconsin under the Sea: Life in Wisconsin during the Early Paleozoic” by University of Wisconsin-Richland geologist Dr. Norlene Emerson.

Emerson’s own research interest--gaining a better understanding of the environmental conditions within the Upper Mississippi Valley during the late Ordovician period, a time of rapid climatic change and the earliest mass extinction on earth—is the topic.

Emerson is a native of Richland Center and an alumnus of UW-Richland. She received her Ph.D. from UW-Madison in the field of sedimentary geology. In 2002, she joined the faculty of UW-Richland, where she teaches a variety of geology courses including Natural Disasters, Evolution & Extinction, Physical Geology, Physical Geography, Environmental Geology and Historical Geology.

This lecture was presented live on campus last fall as part of the Love of Learning lecture series sponsored by the UW-Richland Office of Continuing Education, a series that aims to engage lifelong learners of all ages. The lecture will also be available via the internet on the Wisconsin Public Television University Place website.


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