Sep 2015

Wisconsin Education Fair - September 25 at UW-Richland

9/1/15By UW-Richland

The Wisconsin Education Fair will be held Friday, September 25, from 9 – 11am in the University of Wisconsin-Richland gymnasium.  This free event offers high school students and adults considering a career change the opportunity to talk about...

Attend “A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder” in Chicago

9/1/15By UW-Richland

The University of Wisconsin-Richland Communications-Theater Arts Department extends an open invitation to our community to see the 2014 Tony Award winning musical “A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder” in Chicago, Ill. on October 7. 


Aug 2015

Vankoughnett to lead scientific research at UW-Richland Smart Farm

8/28/15By UW-Richland

Vankoughnett to lead scientific research at UW-Richland Smart Farm

University of Wisconsin-Richland has hired Dr. Mathew Vankoughnett as assistant professor of biology.  Dr. Vankoughnett previously served as adjunct professor,...

UW-Richland’s Roadrunner fall sports schedules released

8/17/15By UW-Richland

University of Wisconsin-Richland’s Roadrunner fall sports schedules for men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, and co-ed soccer teams are now available on the UW-Richland website. 

Any incoming student interested in being part...

Fulfillment and exhaustion apparent as Japanese Youth Program wraps

8/10/15By UW-Richland

While planning by University of Wisconsin-Richland’s Continuing Education staff began more than a year ago, for the 55 international high school students involved in the Japanese Youth Program, it largely starts with flights from Japan into...

UW-Richland geologist Emerson promoted to professor

8/5/15By UW-Richland

University of Wisconsin-Richland geologist Dr. Norlene Emerson was promoted in July to the rank of full professor.  Dr. Emerson is a native of Richland Center and alum of UW-Richland.  She joined the campus staff in 2002 where she teaches a...

Jul 2015

Dr. Norlene Emerson awarded $360K grant from National Science Foundation

7/29/15By UW-Richland

University of Wisconsin-Richland’s Dr. Norlene Emerson was awarded a $360K, four-year grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support geoscience education at community colleges nationwide.  The award is part of a larger $3 million...

Apply now for college this fall at UW-Richland

7/24/15By UW-Richland

Those considering college this fall at the University of Wisconsin-Richland will want to take action soon as fall classes begin Wednesday, September 2.  Applying for admission is easy - look for a big red button on the UW-Richland website home...

Incoming freshman train to become IT staff at UW Colleges

7/23/15By UW-Richland

University of Wisconsin Colleges Student Information Technology Training Program is being hosted this week on the University of Wisconsin-Richland campus.  Information Technology (IT) staffers from six UW campuses and 10 student-trainees...

Music Department offers opportunity to join Campus/Community Choir

7/22/15By UW-Richland

University of Wisconsin-Richland Music Director, Toby Shucha, is offering community members in the area a new opportunity to participate in a concert choir.  Formal experience or not, anyone of high school age or older is encouraged to join...