Jul 2015

Apply now for college this fall at UW-Richland

7/24/15By UW-Richland

Those considering college this fall at the University of Wisconsin-Richland will want to take action soon as fall classes begin Wednesday, September 2.  Applying for admission is easy - look for a big red button on the UW-Richland website home...

Incoming freshman train to become IT staff at UW Colleges

7/23/15By UW-Richland

University of Wisconsin Colleges Student Information Technology Training Program is being hosted this week on the University of Wisconsin-Richland campus.  Information Technology (IT) staffers from six UW campuses and 10 student-trainees...

Music Department offers opportunity to join Campus/Community Choir

7/22/15By UW-Richland

University of Wisconsin-Richland Music Director, Toby Shucha, is offering community members in the area a new opportunity to participate in a concert choir.  Formal experience or not, anyone of high school age or older is encouraged to join...

College for Kids and Middle School U at UW-Richland

7/16/15By UW-Richland

JULY 16, 2015

They built robots that visited the valleys, craters and volcanoes of Mars, experienced high-tech treasure hunting with geocaching, got FIT with food, found their way with orienteering, had hands-on cooking, chemistry, and...

At UW-Richland: Kelpinski joins Campus View student housing staff

7/14/15By UW-Richland

Lindsay Kelpinski has joined the staff of Campus View - housing for University of Wisconsin-Richland students. A full-time employee who lives on-site, as residence hall director she works under the supervision of the executive director. Her...

UW-Richland Precollege connects students to college life and one another

7/9/15By UW-Richland

The University of Wisconsin-Richland Precollege Program 2015 on-campus week, held July 6-10, helped to prepare 65 Wisconsin and Illinois middle and high-school students to meet the challenges of going to college while gaining confidence and a...

Connor joins UW-Richland staff as marketing & communications director

7/7/15By UW-Richland

Shawna Connor, Viola, began service as interim director of marketing and communications at the University of Wisconsin-Richland on July 7.

Connor is responsible for developing and implementing the campus marketing plan, overseeing all...

Jun 2015

They are Outstanding: Harrison, Hui, Lins, Toney & Ursin

6/25/15By UW-Richland

The University of Wisconsin-Richland Alumni Association has named five individuals as Outstanding Alumni of 2015. They are:

Dr. Jerry Hui, Chippewa Falls, Class of 1999 Heather Lins, Madison, Class of 1993 Paul Harrison, Madison, Class of...

UW-Richland Students Awarded Degrees

6/24/15By UW-Richland

Recently awarded the Associate of Arts & Science degree from the University of Wisconsin - Richland were:

Ashley Asdigian, Lyndon Station;
Catherine Barnes, Monrovia,Liberia;
Emily Bernstein, Richland Center, Summa Cum Laude...

Chemistry, ecology, robotics & fun

6/24/15By UW-Richland

Encouraging youth to gain comfort and experience with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is the primary goal of UW-Richland 2015 STEM Program, held June 22-26 on the Richland Center UW campus. To help better acquaint young...