Apr 2015

Winners of UW-Richland High School Art Exhibit are announced

4/27/15By UW-Richland

Six Best of Show winners of the annual University of Wisconsin-Richland High School Art exhibit were announced Sunday, April 26. Gregory N. Johnson, UW-Richland art instructor, artist and judge of the show, selected the six from among nearly 50...

UW-Richland algebra students combine mathematics and art

4/23/15By UW-Richland

                Two University of Wisconsin-Richland students—Nicole Kauffman, Boscobel, and Gabrielle Umba, Democratic Republic of Congo—have been chosen as winners of the UW-Richland Des-man competition.

                Students in Math...

Thompson to retire

4/22/15By UW-Richland

                “When I joined the University of Wisconsin-Richland staff, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to be in an atmosphere of learning, something I greatly enjoy,” said Dorothy Thompson, UW-Richland director of marketing and...

UW-Richland music department concert is April 30 & spring recital is May 7

4/14/15By UW-Richland

                Two opportunities for those who enjoy music are coming up soon on the University of Wisconsin-Richland campus. The UW-Richland Music Department presents its spring concert, under the direction of Tobin Shucha, starting at 7:30pm...

Heather Lins to speak at 2015 UW-Richland Graduation & Awards Night

4/14/15By UW-Richland

At the 2015 University of Wisconsin-Richland Graduation & Awards Night ceremony coming up at 7pm on Friday, May 8, students and their families will hear from someone who genuinely understands the UW-Richland experience and what it’s like to...

UW-Richland Roadrunner Road Rallye 2015 planned for May 1

4/8/15By UW-Richland

                The 44th annual Roadrunner Road Rallye is scheduled for Friday afternoon May 1. UW-Richland students, staff and faculty are making their plans and alumni are welcome to join in the fun, as are family and friends of participants....

Mar 2015

Cavanaugh to retire from UW-Richland

3/20/15By UW-Richland

                In September of 1979, Clifton Cavanaugh arrived in Richland Center to teach at the freshman-sophomore university campus. Suddenly, or so it seems to him, it’s 36 years later and he is about to retire. “I didn’t feel it was going...

Ukrainian leaders to examine agriculture & agribusiness

3/16/15By UW-Richland

Six Ukrainian leaders participating in the Open World program will spend May 1 – 9 in Richland Center examining agriculture and agribusinesses in southwest Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin-Richland Office of Continuing Education is hosting...

See “12 Angry Jurors” . . . 5 performances March 13, 14 and 15

3/5/15By UW-Richland

Audiences at the University of Wisconsin-Richland Theatre’s production of “12 Angry Jurors” can expect to be brought into the drama, both emotionally and by proximity to the action.

“12 Angry Jurors” looks at consensus-building and...

UW-Richland Opens New Degree Path to Technical College Grads

3/2/15By UW-Richland

Students who have earned an applied associate degree from Southwest Wisconsin Technical College may now apply that degree toward a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree at the University of Wisconsin-Richland under a new option...