Sep 2013

Take a look at sister city/campus connections

9/9/13By Reedsburg Time-Press

What current connections does Richland Center have with the Chinese city of Yueqing – pronounced U-ching? What partnerships are developing – in business as well as in education – and how would these initiatives mutually benefit people from the...

Waalkens is new head of UW-Richland maintenance

9/6/13By Reedsburg Times-Press

Thomas Waalkens began service as buildings and grounds superintendent at the University of Wisconsin-Richland on Sept. 1.

Cleveland joins UW-Richland faculty

9/4/13By UW-Richland

Dr. John Cleveland has joined the University of Wisconsin-Richland faculty this fall as an assistant professor of mathematics.

“The campus is beautiful,” Cleveland said. “UW-Richland is at a place that it’s growing. How it grows, which...

Aug 2013

UW-Richland Students Awarded Degrees

8/23/13By UW-Richland

These students recently earned the Associate of Arts & Science degree from the University of Wisconsin–Richland:

Jennifer Baldwin, Ontario;

Rebecca Kaul, Spring Green;

William (Billy) Page, Muscoda;

Darryl Stewart...

Reedsburg teens help Japanese students adapt

8/10/13By Reedsburg Times-Press

Shelbi Stowers and Loren Tock are helping Japanese students navigate a crash course intended to enhance their English-speaking skills and understanding of American culture. The Japanese students were on the University of Wisconsin-Richland Center...

Japanese Program 2013: Adapting to US culture & language

8/6/13By UW-Richland

 For a group of 81 Japanese teens, Richland Center and UW-Richland figure significantly into their first impressions of the USA. The students are on campus July 30 - August 8, taking part in a crash course to enhance their English speaking skills...

Jul 2013

Gavinski joins UW-Richland faculty

7/24/13By UW-Richland

Last spring, UW-Richland students named her “Roadrunner of the Year,” in recognition of her support of campus activities, accessibility to students, and a positive attitude toward UW-Richland. She’s taught classes for five years at the University...

McLeer is UW Colleges Wisconsin Teaching Scholar for 2013-2014

7/9/13By UW-Richland

Dr. Karen McLeer, University of Wisconsin-Richland associate professor of English, was chosen as the University of Wisconsin Colleges Teaching Scholar for 2013-2014. Her application was selected from among all professors of the 13-campus...

Hackbarth-Onson to serve as assistant campus dean for student affairs

7/2/13By UW-Richland

Annette Hackbarth-Onson will join the University of Wisconsin-Richland staff on July 15. She will serve as assistant campus dean for student affairs, filling the position previously held by John Poole, who recently retired.

“The UW-...

Jun 2013

Eberle & Hauser named “Outstanding Alumni 2013”

6/25/13By UW-Richland

The University of Wisconsin-Richland Alumni Association has named two individuals to be honored as “Outstanding Alumni of 2013.” Educator and community leader Eileen Eberle, Spring Green, and Westby Coop Credit Union President and community...