Returning Adult Students

UW-Richland welcomes adult students. At UW-Richland, we've helped lots of adults achieve their goals and dreams. Whether you seek a new or enhanced career, want to take a course for intellectual enrichment or something in-between, you can do it and we can help.

You won't have to do it alone.

At UW-Richland, you'll have the support of an advisor dedicated to working with adult students, to career counseling, tutoring if you need it and an all-around supportive faculty and staff.

You'll also have the support of other adult students. In recent years up to 25% of UW-Richland students have been over the age of 21.

Your Advisor

UW-Richland advisors will be happy to meet with you, help you make a plan to meet your goals, and assist you in achieving them. Do you have questions about balancing work and family with classes? Do you need information about becoming a student or support as you pursue your studies? Contact the Solution Center.

Academic and Career Counseling

Not sure of your goal? Your advisor can provide career counseling. Make an appointment and talk to talk about career goals. Tools are avaiable to help you discover your best career fit and your options for preparation. Need advice in planning your course schedule, or coping with an especially challenging course? Advisors can assist with that, too.


Adult student get-togethers offer you the opportunity to make connections. Adult students are welcome and encouraged to participate with traditional-age students in all campus clubs and organizations. Joanna Muller, advisor to the campus adult student groups, can help you make those connections.

Other Resources