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Alumni and friends of UW-Richland and the Richland County College are welcome to join the Association, an organization with these goals:

  • to promote and cultivate friendships and foster mutual aid among members
  • to promote and cultivate the interests and welfare of the school
  • to expand and gain a strong relationship between alumni and the school
  • to receive, invest, and use gifts, contributions and bequests of money and/or real and personal property.

To achieve these goals, the Association shares news of alumni and the campus with members and friends through a twice-a-year newsletter, and helps support the campus in a multitude of ways, one example being co-sponsorship of the spring Graduation and Awards Night reception. The Association membership funds scholarships for current students. And, each year the Association recognizes two alumni-one from the current campus (1967 or later), and one from the earlier campus (1966 and before)-for their success and accomplishments by naming them "Outstanding Alumni of the Year."

To bring former students into contact with each other and the campus, the UW-Richland Alumni Association organizes special events. Those typically include Fall Alumni Day, typically held the first Saturday in October, and Alumni Homecoming, featuring Red-versus-Blue alumni basketball, in March.

Board members meet about every other month and all former students of either campus are eligible to join the Association, participate in events and activities, and serve on the board.


The tradition of higher education in Richland County has deep roots. In 1903, the first college was established in Richland Center. Through various changes and incarnations-from Normal School, to Teachers College, from the WSU System to the UW Center System to the University of Wisconsin-Richland Colleges campus of today-the tradition continues. Supporting that tradition since 1967, when the last graduating class at the County College to keep the memory of their campus alive established an alumni association, today known as the UW-Richland Alumni Association.

Join the Association! Membership dues are:

  • per year: $4/individual; $5/couple
  • for 3 years: $10/individual; $12/couple
  • lifetime: $75/individual; $100/couple

To join, send a check made out to the UW-Richland Alumni Association to:

Alumni Liaison John Poole
1200 Highway 14 West
Richland Center, WI 53581-1316

Contact info:
Alumni Liaison John Poole
Alumni Association President Kathy Granger

Alumni Board of Directors


  • President: Kathy Granger, Class of 1966
  • Vice-President: Jessica Laeseke, Class of 2009
  • Secretary: Frances Braithwaite, Class of 1962
  • Treasurer: Derek Kalish, Class of 2003

Board Members

  • Elizabeth Deitelhoff, Class of 2013
  • Kathy Neckar, Class of 1998
  • Karen Stoltz, Class of 2005
  • Ken Thiede, Class of 1978
  • Barbara Wentz, Class of 1975
  • Ryan Zoellick, Class of 2011


  • Jessica Laeseke, Class of 2009, Faculty-Staff Liaison
  • John Poole, Class of 1968, General Liaison


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