Alumni Activities

Outstanding Alumni Recognition

See a list of Outstanding Alumni from 1974, when the award was established, to the present.

Typically nominations are accepted from January through mid-April. The association honors two alumni each year—one from the Richland County College and another from the present campus. Nominees are selected on the basis of achievements, leadership activities, involvement in professional activities or community organizations, honors and awards. That individual may be a leader in his or her field, an involved community volunteer, or in some other way deserving of recognition that positively reflects on the UW-Richland Alumni Association and the university. Outstanding Alumni of the year are honored guests at the Fall Alumni reunion/brunch typically held on campus the first Saturday of October. 

Fall Alumni Brunch 

Alumni, their families and friends get together for a Fall Alumni brunch and reunion. Advance reservations are necessary. The association holds their annual meeting as part of this event.

Alumni Homecoming

Typically, the UW-Richland Alumni Association hosts Homecoming on the first Saturday in March,a time for former Roadrunner basketball players to return to the “Roost” to renew the spirit of Roadrunner competition playing in red-versus-blue contests. The board is currently reevaluating that event.