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Providing lifelong learning experiences for people of all ages is a focus for UW-Richland’s Continuing Education Office.
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UW-Richland Continuing Education-sponsored free lectures series and other programs provide an array learning opportunities.
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College for Kids and Middle School U students explore students in depth and enjoy active learning experiences.
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During ESL camp, youth from different cultures connect.
Lifelong Learning
Lecture Series
College For Kids
Summer Camp

Continuing Education

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The University of Wisconsin-Richland Continuing Education Office offers a wide variety of programs and custom courses for businesses, schools, organizations and the general public in southwest Wisconsin, as well as summer residential programming for educational purposes.

The UW-Richland Continuing Education Office is a partnership between UW-Richland and UW-Extension, Continuing Education Outreach. Many Continuing Education courses can offer Continuing Education credit, though most do not offer college credit.

We aim to serve people of all ages and a variety of interests. Whether you're taking a course to improve your skills, expand your knowledge in a specific area, or to have fun and learn a new hobby, we welcome you.

We have upgraded to a new, more user friendly registration system. Things will look a little different when registering for a class, but this new system should be easier and more user friendly. We hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call Jessica at 608-647-6186 ext. 4.

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