UW‐Richland student IT workers gain computer & people skills

By UW-Richland

Two University of Wisconsin‐Richland students who haven’t even started classes yet are already learning beyond the classroom this summer as assistants in the Information Technology (IT) office at the campus.

Kane Sharp and Evan Wontor, both 2011 graduates of Richland Center High School, are UW‐Richland’s two new student IT workers. Both plan to attend UW‐Richland for two years. Wontor intends to major in civil engineering while Sharp plans to focus his studies on science.

Marilyn Peckham, supervisor of the studentIT staff at UW‐Richland said “The new students will be fantastic. They are both good people, bright, and eager to learn.”

As they welcome the two new students, the IT staff will say farewell to another. Nate Berglin, a 2009 graduate of Richland CenterHigh School, will leave as his two year position ends in June. He’s preparing to transfer to UW‐River Falls to major in information systems and minor in business.  

“I will really miss it here. I’ve enjoyed working with everyone around campus,” said Berglin. “There were a lot of things I needed to learn that kind of surprised me. I had no clue I would need to learn how to convert a VHS tape toDVD, butI did it, and now I have to teach the new guys to do it.”

Sharp and Wontor are taking on the challenges of the job.

“I was surprised at how much I didn’t know.” said Sharp. “I’m looking forward to learning everything,though.”

Wontor added, “I like that as much asI get to work with computers I still get to interact with a lot of people. I’m enjoying learning how the UW System works.”

The Information Technology staff is in the process of making technology upgrades on campus.

“This summer we’re working on switching all the computers on campus from MicrosoftOffice 2007 to the 2010 version. It’s a very big job,” said Peckham.

The IT staff is also working on projector installations in classrooms and learning to use and set up microphones in EastHall. Sharp and Wontor will learn a lot during the summer before their skills will be putto the test when fall classes start.

To learn more about the Information Technology program visit the UW‐Richland website or call Peckham at(608) 647‐6186,Extension 245.


Dorothy Thompson
(608) 647-6186, Extension 231