Meet Our Students

ZQ (Qiu Zheng)

From Yueqing, China

I heard that UW-Richland is a friendly, small campus so I chose it directly because I really want a small campus in a peaceful town. I’ve meet so many nice international students, native students and teachers here. I come from Yueqing, a city on the southeast coast of China. Richland Center and Yueqing are sister cities and that's how I found UW-Richland and become a part of it. My major is accounting. I recommend UW-Richland to international and American students because you can meet so many global friends here and become a global person.

photo of Diondre Howard

Diondre Howard

from Milwaukee

A friend suggested UW-Richland to me. I checked it out and liked it. I especially like how helpful the administration, advisors and teachers are. That makes it very comfortable. To me, coming from Milwaukee, this is like the country—small and friendly—and that makes it easier to focus. I’m majoring in business management. I joined the basketball team, have been active in intramurals and helped out at a college seminar for high school students. I recommend the soft chairs in the library—that’s the best place on campus to study.

Ryan Boebel

Career goal: accountant

Being a student here at UW-Richland has been a great experience and I expect it to get better!  I highly recommend UW-Richland. If you are unsure about whether or not you can afford college, you are unsure about what you want to pursue, or you do not know if college is right for you, UW-Richland is the place to start.  UW-Richland offers a prestigious educational experience, along with the options to join many clubs and organizations. What I really like about the Richland campus is that it is smaller which allows you to build important relationships, both with peers and professors.  The friendliness and helpfulness of this collegiate community is fantastic, and it helps to make that transition into the next step in life. 

Madison Vande Hey

Student Senate President

I’m a sophomore from Boscobel. I commute to campus and I’m president of Student Senate here at UW-Richland. There are many activities and events on campus and I hope to see you at some of them. I’ve found that it’s easy to get involved, meet new friends from around the world, and take on leadership roles here at UW-Richland. Those are bonuses—all good ways of learning and gaining valuable experiences outside the classroom. My academic interests are in chemistry, history and physics. One of the best things about being a student here is the close relationships you form with faculty. Dr. Zorea and Dr. Fetterly are two of my favorite professors because they’re especially helpful to me. I can stop by their offices and get answers to questions or just talk.

Rachel Cox

Start here. Finish here.

It took me twenty-some years to go back to school. I’ve finally accomplished my goal—getting my associate’s degree. I’ve started taking classes in the BAAS (Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences)--now I’m working toward my UW-Richland bachelor’s degree. I decided to stay at UW-Richland for my BAAS because I’ve established close relationships with professors and staff who’ve been very helpful and supportive.  And I don’t need to uproot my family. At UW-Richland, my professors are accommodating and understanding of my family obligations. Because of my close relationships with professors, I can get their assistance when I need it. I recommend UW-Richland for returning adults because you’ll get to know the professors and get assistance when you need it.

Moustapha Fane

From Ivory Coast, West Africa

I found UW-Richland by doing internet research. Now that I’m here, I think it was the best choice for me. The close interaction between professors and students is helpful. I’m planning a major in computer science. I like D2L because it makes studying easier. I enjoy being on the soccer team.  

photo of Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

from Richland Center

Since I’m from Richland Center, UW-Richland is convenient for me. It’s close to home. It only takes me 10 minutes to get to campus. I live at home, which helps save money and I planned my class schedule around my work schedule so I’ve been able to keep my job. I’m a theatre major and I found it easy to get involved in campus theatre productions and a cappella choir. I’ve been impressed, too, that the professors make an extra effort to get to know their students.