Top 10 Reasons

At UW-Richland, You'll Find...

  • The personal attention of a private college at a public university price
  • Personal attention and support to succeed, excel and meet your individual academic goals

10 Good Reasons To Be a UW-Richland Student 

  1. Get started on your bachelor's degree and unlimited career opportunities.
  2. Begin any of more than 200 majors.
  3. Put University of Wisconsin on your resume.
  4. Get value for your money. The UW Colleges have the lowest tuition of all UW schools. 
  5. Financial aid is available and we have an excellent UW-Richland Scholarship Program.
  6. The Guaranteed Transfer Program ensures your admission to a UW four-year campus.
  7. Living options . . . live at home and save . . . live in modern, convenient student housing located just across from the campus . . . or live off campus.
  8. Learn from dedicated, experienced faculty who specialize in teaching freshmen and sophomores.
  9. Your academic advisor can help you build a foundation for success in academics and your career.
  10. Excellent opportunities for leadership and research during your first two college years.