Why choose UW-Richland?

A group of students walking on the UW-Richland campus

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On top of all the great reasons to attend UW Colleges, each of the campuses stand out in their own way. Here are just a few reasons why UW-Richland could be the U for You!

1) Live and study in the welcoming, cozy community of Richland Center

Located in southwestern Wisconsin, Richland Center is home to just over 5000 residents. This small, engaged community is invested in the UW-Richland campus and provides a hometown, welcoming atmosphere for students.

2) Form international connections

Each year UW-Richland welcomes new students from around the world. Students have the chance to experience new cultures, take part in potluck dinners and form lasting friendships and connections with their peers from across the globe.

3) Take part in the Burlap Olympics

For more than 50 years, sophomores and freshmen have faced off in UW-Richland’s Burlap Olympics. Students compete in games like tug-of-war, the egg toss and an eating competition to prove who rules the school.

4) Receive personalized attention from faculty and staff

With a student population of around 550, UW-Richland offers a private school feel at a public school price. The campus’ exceptional faculty and staff make sure every student gets the instruction, guidance and attention they deserve.

5) Live in student housing near campus

Experience everything college has to offer by living in the Campus View apartments just steps away from UW-Richland. Residents can form lifelong friendships, enjoy amenities including furnished apartments and take part in weekly social activities.

6) Earn generous scholarships from the Richland County Campus Foundation

Students can earn more than $100,000 worth of scholarships from the Richland County Campus Foundation. It’s one more way UW Colleges makes higher education affordable.

7) Perform in a campus band or in a theatre production

UW-Richland has plenty of opportunities for students interested in performing for the community and their peers. The College Choir, Campus/Community Choir and Campus/Community Band give students a chance to learn and grow as a musician, and the theatre program allows students to share their talents and form connections with the community.

8) Get involved in a variety of student organizations

From A Capella to paranormal research, cheerleading to student government, students are sure to find a club they’re interested in at UW-Richland. These organizations give students the opportunity to develop a passion, meet new people and gain leadership experience during their time on campus.

9) Conduct scientific research at Smart Farm

UW-Richland is home to 192 acres of former farmland now dedicated to scientific research. Students and community alike can get hands-on learning experience in sustainable energy and conservation at the campus’ Smart Farm.

10) Play a college sport

Students at UW-Richland don't have to leave the sports they love behind when they finish high school. They have the opportunity to play a college sport as part of the UW-Richland Roadrunners athletic teams.