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International Program

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UW Colleges is the best start to a college degree and unlimited career opportunities.

UW-Richland specializes in the first two years of a University of Wisconsin education that is accessible and affordable. We combine the advantages of a small college with the resources of the world-class University of Wisconsin System. After starting with us, you can transfer to any University of Wisconsin four-year campus or other university to complete your bachelor’s degree.

Why Choose UW-Richland?

  • We offer several leadership opportunities through more than 19 student-lead clubs and organizations.
  • International students have several opportunities to interact with their American classmates as well as international students from over 13 different countries.
  • There are numerous volunteer opportunities in the community through local and state-wide partnerships.
  • UW-Richland is about 50 minutes away from Madison, Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Campus Highlights

Richland Center is a town of about 5,000 people, located about 50 miles west of Madison – Wisconsin’s capital city. It is situated in the scenic southwestern area of the state. We have a full range of climate with very warm summers and very cold winters. UW-Richland and the Richland Center community are friendly and welcoming. Richland Center is a good place to experience small-town America.

UW-Richland is a small campus where about 500 students receive a high-quality education and enjoy a variety of course choices in many fields of study. An advantage to the size of our campus is that classes are small. So small that all of our students receive personal attention from faculty. We do not offer an English as a Second Language program during the academic year, so our international students are fully integrated with their American peers by taking part in classes, athletic programs, student government and other activities and organizations.

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About The International Program

Our program offers you the opportunity to earn an Arts and Science Associates Degree and complete the foundation courses for your bachelor’s degree in any major.

The International Program at our campus provides international students several advantages including:

  • Unique Guaranteed Transfer Program ensures admission to the University of Wisconsin four-year campus of your choice, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison. You can start more than 200 majors and specialties. Our campus offers the courses you need to complete the first two years of your requirement towards a bachelor's degree.
  • Earn an associate degree before earning your bachelor’s degree. 
  • University of Wisconsin Colleges campuses are located in smaller communities that are safe and friendly, so you can enjoy an authentic American experience and get to know American students.
  • Small classes, so you receive one-on-one help.
  • Personal attention from highly-qualified professors (85% have highest degree in their field).
  • Assistance from an international student advisor to guide you through your American educational experience.
  • Comprehensive orientation to help you adjust to life on your new campus.
  • Strong university curriculum provides the foundation for more than 200 majors including engineering, business, finance, education and many more.
  • Starting your University of Wisconsin education at the University of Wisconsin Colleges can save thousands of dollars compared to starting at the University of Wisconsin-Madison or another University of Wisconsin campus. 

Student Testimonial

Chih-hsuan Wu, Taiwan

Chih-hsuan Wu

"The reason why I chose UW-Richland is because of the people. Staff and faculty are friendly and willing to answer any questions. Before I arrived in America, my advisor kept in touch with me and updated all the information. It makes me feel that someone cares about me like a big family. This is something that you might not see on the other campus. I spent most of my first year of college volunteering in the international office at UW-Richland. This is how I decided my future career to be an international student coordinator. UW-Richland has forty-nine international students from thirteen countries. Attending UW-Richland helps me understand what kinds of situations students will face when studying abroad. I have been involved in Student Government and International Club. I wouldn’t have imagined myself being a president and giving a speech on graduation day. The other thing nobody knows about is I am the shortest roadrunner mascot. I couldn’t have those experiences if I went to the other campus. When I decided to leave Taiwan to study abroad, I knew Richland was my best and only choice to make myself stronger. UW-Richland allows me to achieve my goal. Although UW-Richland is not the biggest campus, we are the most helpful and lovely campus."

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