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Academic Services

Peer tutors are available to assist students in a variety of subjects and tutoring is free for enrolled students. The English and math tutors in the Woodman Learning Center are available to all students in need of assistance with writing or math assignments for any course.  UW-Richland also offers English support classes such as Writing Studio and Multilingual Writers Workshop courses that are designed to give students extra help in English. 

English Language Preparation

If you need English language preparation, UW-Richland partners with the following English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.

Immigration Resources

Navigating the immigration process can be confusing. You will find current information about becoming an international student in the United States when you visit these websites.

Friendship Family

Students have the opportunity to develop a relationship with a local American family. The UW-Richland international program has an extensive network of families in the community eager to meet and engage with international students. Friendship Family applications can be picked up in the International Student Coordinator’s office in room 404 in the Solution Center.   

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