All UW-Richland students have an academic advisor, a valuable resource, ally and mentor. Working effectively with your advisor will enhance your collegiate experience. Your advisor can do more than help you select classes; don’t overlook this important resource. And, while your advisor is a key source of information, the ultimate responsibility rests with you, the student. So, plan carefully and well.

NOTE: New freshmen who register during SummerTime Advising and Registration (STAR) sessions will get their advisor assignments when classes begin.

For advising and registration assistance, follow these steps and both you and your advisor will be well served:

  1. Make an appointment with your advisor.
  2. If course scheduling is your primary concern, be sure you and your advisor review your overall academic record, considering courses completed and courses needed—for the Associate Degree, for your major and for your transfer plans.
  3. Complete a PRISM Registration Form with your advisor.
  4. Return the PRISM Registration Form to the Solution Center and receive your authorization to register online via PRISM.

Your advisor can assist you, as well, by directing you to resources that can help you choose a major, find a math or English tutor, and more.

Useful forms and information that you and your advisor may want to work with together--to check your progress toward an associate degree, to add a class, to enroll in the Guaranteed Transfer program, to  establish an INT290 Interdisciplinary Studies link, and more--can be found here.

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