Woodman Learning Center

If you find yourself in need of academic assistance, you are encouraged to contact your instructors. They can offer you course-specific advice and assistance.

Should you and/or your instructor determine that tutoring could help you, the UW-Richland Woodman Learning Center is located in the south-central portion of UW-Richland’s Miller Memorial Library.

Peer tutors are available to assist students in a variety of subjects, and tutoring is free for enrolled students. The English and math tutors in the Woodman Learning Center are available to all students in need of assistance with writing or math assignments for any course.

Students do not need to be enrolled in an ENG or MAT course to use the tutoring center; for example, tutors are able to assist with grammar/usage in a geology lab report, paragraph organization and structure in a business class memo, basic calculations in a budget proposal for economics class, and more.

Tutoring for specific subject areas varies by semester; please check the schedule posted at the tutoring center entrance or see the latest Beep! Beep! for details.

For more information, contact the Solution Center, your instructor, or Woodman Learning Center Coordinator Jordan Hill.