Undergraduate Research

The University of Wisconsin-Richland supports and encourages student research & creativity through activities led by the campus Undergraduate Research Committee. Student research under the guidance of campus faculty helps our students develop and grow as scholars. Opportunities are possible in a range of academic areas—math/science, social sciences, the arts and humanities, as well as interdisciplinary projects. For more information, contact UW-Richland Undergraduate Research Coordinator Dr. Faye Peng, assistant professor of business/economics.

7th Annual Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium


An expanded and enhanced program - the University of Wisconsin-Richland Student Research Symposium 2016, the 7th annual such event was held on Friday, April 22, in the Pippin Center/Melvill Hall on the Richland Center UW campus.

Goals of the program are to give current UW-Richland students and recent alumni an opportunity to present to the public and current UW-Richland student an opportunity to see the outcome of research by juniors and seniors.  More than 50 faculty, staff, students, and community people attended the event to learn more about student research at the university. The Dean of the Southwest Region, Clark Charles, attended the event.

The symposium was coordinated by UW-Richland assistant professor of business and economics Dr. Faye Peng, who serves as the campus undergraduate research and creativity committee chair, and professor of history Dr. Aharon Zorea, who serves as the campus symposia subcommittee chair. The symposium is sponsored by the UW-Richland Undergraduate Research and Creativity Committee.

For more details, contact Dr. Peng by email at faye.peng@uwc.edu or by calling the campus at 608-647-6186, ext. 208; or contact Dr. Zorea by email at aharon.zorea@uwc.edu or by calling the campus at 608-647-6186, ext. 247.