The Undergraduate Research Committee has been formed and includes faculty and staff from different disciplines. 

The Undergraduate Research and Creativity Committee will work closely with faculty, staff, and students to ensure the campus provides more research opportunities to students and supports their exploration of the world. To better facilitate this, the following subcommittees were created:

Grant Review Subcommittee:

The Grant Review Sub-Committee (GRSC) is a subsidiary of the UW-Richland Undergraduate Research Committee. The purpose of GRSC is to create a review rubric that will determine how proposed undergraduate projects will be funded, and award funding to those projects that are determined to best meet the funding criteria. The GRSC is also responsible for creating a database for internal and external funding opportunities.

Symposia Subcommittee:

The Symposia sub-committee will be comprised of a chair and any number of other members (preferably 2 or 3). 

The subcommittee will be responsible for organizing the vehicles of public demonstration for student research.  Typically, the sub-committee will aim to hold at least one Student Research Symposium in the spring, but may be able to host others in the fall as needed.  The vehicles of communication may be varied, depending on the needs of the campus and of the student, and may include oral presentations, or presentations of posters, physical projects, or other products of student and student/faculty collaborations.  Annual “Creativity Fairs” would also fall under the jurisdiction of this sub-committee.

Research Resources Management Subcommittee:

The Research Resources Management Subcommittee will make resources available to students conducting research. This includes but is not limited to oversight and review of the research website, organizing research workshops and facilitating information dispersal throughout campus community, as well as identifying and compiling a list of research mentors.

Quintessence Subcommittee:

The Quintessence Subcommittee will organize the production of the annual Quintessence publication.  The chair will administer the call to faculty for student research and original work submissions.  The chairperson will organize the judging of submitted work for publication, and notify students of their acceptance into Quintessence, then organize an editorial process by authors and facility followed by the layout, design approval, final edit and submission to the printer.  Learn more about Quintessence.