Getting Started

A series of workshops are developed annually to assist UW-Richland student in their research efforts.  Workshops for the 2016-16 academic year are: 

Workshop 1

Introduction to Research

Dr. Aharon Zorea

Sept 28th , 2015

Workshop 2


Pr. Marnie Dresser

Oct 26th , 2015

Workshop 3

Scientific Method and Experiment Design

Dr. Mathew Vankoughnett

Dr. Jennifer Gavinski

Nov, 2015

Workshop 4

Proposal Writing

Lecturer Tobin Shucha

Feb, 2016

Workshop 5

Conduct Interview

Ms. Dorothy Thompson

March, 2016

Workshop 6

Statistic tools for research

Lecturer Stephanie Kernik

April, 2016


Funding Your Project 

The Grant Review Sub-Committee (GRSC), a subsidiary of the UW-Richland Undergraduate Research Committee, is currently developing a review rubric that will determine how proposed undergraduate projects will be funded, and award funding to those projects that are determined to best meet the funding criteria. The GRSC is also responsible for creating a database for internal and external funding opportunities.

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