What is Regular Student Employment?

Regular student employment (non-work-study) is not part of the financial aid package. Non-work-study positions are available to any student. There are very few regular student employment positions on campus.

Available Positions


SupervisorTracy Krueger
Positions: 2
Hours per week: 5 ($1,240/year each)
Duties: Supervise open gym hours, work game table, work concessions, ticket sales events, do laundry, set up for intramural and officiate intramurals, office work, statistics, and other duties assigned. Must be available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. Must also be available on Saturdays. UW-Richalnd varsity basketball athletes as this position will be working at basketball games.
Special Skills: Background in athletic participation, coaching or assistance in high school or junior high.

Communication Arts/Theatre

Supervisor: Zoie Lutz
Positions: 1
Hours per week: 8 (varies) ($1,985/year)
Duties: Carpentry, painting, hang and focus lights and storage reorganization.
Special Skills: Needs to be available before and the weekend of the play. Carpentry skills, knowledge of technical theater and able to work weekends. Main work is first 10 weeks of semester. Tech weekend and strike of play required.


Supervisor: Jordan Hill
Positions: 6 (3 Math tutors and 3 English tutors)
Hours per week (per position): 6 ($1490/year each)
Duties: Tutoring Math or English
Special Skills: Math 110 with an A- or higher or Exemption from Math 110 and reference from Math Professor. English 102 with an A- or higher or approved Exemption from Eng 102 and reference from English Professor.

Student Activities

Supervisor: Karen Stoltz
Positions: 2
Hours per week: 2 ($496/year EACH)
Duties: Assist and support student activities, database entry, clerical and cleaning.
Special Skills: Dependable, reliable, responsible and computer skills needed.