UW-Richland Anthem

Listen to the anthem

The UW-Richland Anthem is written and performed by KAMM (aka Cameron Clark), a UW-Richland alumnus.


UW-R, the best by far
Center in the house, y'all know who we are!
Makin' everybody else obsolete
Roadrunners all about to make you move your feet
From the front to the back, right to left
Keep it coming, don't stop, never quit, not yet
Bout' to run em' all day, n' run em' all night
(who?) UW-R thats right!

Verse one:

In between the hills and the valleys of the W-I
Roadrunners bout' to reach up and touch the sky
Representin' the best up in the mid-west section
No question, bring back the recollection
The last time we were up in your town
We let out the (beep, beep (sound effect)) and laid the competition down
Ain't no need to frown, we're like butter on bread
We get you one time, then persist to spread
So don't be thinkin' you can run around talkin' about
You got a better school, runnin' your mouth
Everybody in the whole state knows the truth (what's that?)
More energetic than the fountain of youth
It's the white and the blue... What you gonna do?
You best watch out, we bout' to get you
I wouldn't recommend that you try to contest
Yo... UW-Richland's the best!

(repeat chorus)

Verse two:

I might catch a play at the coppertop, or go to melvill hall
Lookin' at the plaques on the wall
Roadrunners got em' all, from the sports, to education
Graduate and take over the nation
But first, better believe I'll be goin' to class
Keep up the hard work so my grades all pass
4.0, what d'ya know
To the classroom building I'm about to go
But yo... I kinda wanna get buff for the burlap olympics
After class I'll hit the gym quick
N' then I'll head back to campus view
Feelin' proud to be one of the strong and the few
To go to college, on a pursuit for the knowledge
Other universities wanna pay omage
...N' we're not the type to boast
But when it comes down to pride, we got the most!

(repeat chorus)

Verse three:

(cheering crowd sound effect) there goes the Roadrunner fans!
I guess you gotta be here to fully understand
Everybody's close- knit just like a family
Help each other out when the world wanna hand me...
A problem, aint no need to stress!
My professor's right here to help me outa the mess
Never settle for less, we got more than enough
If you're lookin' for a school we got the right stuff
And thats not even the half
Doin' the math... College leads to more cash
10 years down the road, where you really wanna be?
Now how you gonna get there without a degree?
Probably not too far, and that's a fact
But once you come here you might never go back!
Been hearin' quite a bit about a place I know...
Its called Richland, one more time... Now here we go...

(repeat chorus)

University of Wisconsin-Richland . . .