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International Program


UW-Richland International students will find a welcoming campus and community familiar with international students. Since the mid-1980s, UW-Richland's been a partner in several programs that that bring students--from Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, the former Soviet Republics, and elsewhere--to Richland Center to live and learn. Many of these students have made their homes with host families in the community. In recent years a growing number of independent international students choose UW-Richland. Local UW-Richland students have the opportunity to learn and travel internationally through special programs, too.

"There's nothing superior to the quality of education, serene and gracious community, small classes, enthusiastic faculty and extraordinary attention you receive as an international student at UW-Richland. UW-Richland is a great place to experience authentic American education and culture and still feel at home. Professors, staff, host families, fellow students, community members and other global citizens become lifetime friends and families. My experience at UW-Richland will confidently lead me on to a flourishing future. UW-Richland is truly 'the best start for the life you want!" --Exonam Junior Doe Gakpetor/Ghana

UW-Richland Supported Programs

"UW-Richland is a very great place for international students. It's small and personal. You can make a lot of American friends easily. You can talk to professors like your friends. And you can improve your English. The International Club offers a lot of fun activities and it's a great way to exchange and get to know about different cultures. " --Azusa Hashizume/Japan

International students, whether they come to UW-Richland through one of these programs or on their own, will find special programs and support through:

  • the International Programs Office
  • a special fall orientation for new international students
  • International Club
  • and more... such as mentors and friends.

Why UW-Richland?  

  • the peaceful, friendly community
  • modern student housing within walking distance of classes
  • small classes; dedicated faculty who specialize in teaching freshmen and sophomores
  • academic advisors to help you build a foundation for success in academics and career
  • the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts & Science degree and the Guaranteed Transfer Program to complete your UW bachelor's degree.

For more information contact:

International Programs Office
Aaron Mayo
1200 Highway 14 West
Richland Center, WI 53581
608-647-6186, Option #3, fax 608-647-2275

Estimated Annual Budget

Estimated Expenses (2014-2015 academic year) Full-Time International Student (12-18 credits)

  • Academic year tuition & fees*: $12,228
  • On campus housing & meals: $6,100
  • Mandatory health insurance: $1,427
  • Academic year total: $19,755

*for part-time, 1-11 credits, $489 per creditfigures represent estimated expenses

The Richland County Campus Foundation administers the UW-Richland Scholarship Program which annually awards over $100,000 to qualified students. Typically about 125 awards are made to over 80 individuals, including international students. To be considered, a student must complete and submit the application by April 1 each year.

Let’s Compare:
UW-Madison Academic Year Total $41,362
UW-Milwaukee Academic Year Total $31,302
At UW-Richland, you save thousands of dollars, and get a high-quality UW education.


Getting to know new students, a new college and a new town can be a challenge, especially if you're coming from overseas. Each fall, UW-Richland offers a special program introducing our new international students to our campus, our community and each other. For details, contact Aaron Mayo.

For Independent International Students

Independent international students are those not coming to UW-Richland through the sponsorship of an organization, such as YFU or IREX. Students from outside the U.S. who want to attend UW-Richland can get more information from advisor Aaron Mayo or from the UW System web site.

To apply:

Do you need English language preparation?

Our ESL program partners are:

International Club

The I-Club, as students call it, is a student-run organization open to all students with an interest in cultures from around the globe. I-Club members plan and carry out activities of interest to the members and this club provides students with a place to meet new friends.

International Programs - Host/Mentor Families

If you're interested in more information about becoming a host or mentor family, contact Aaron Mayo. All UW-Richland students in the YFU program live with host families for their first year; after that they may opt to live on their own in the community. IREX students live in Campus View residence halls and may spend break times with a local mentor family. Independent international students may opt to live in Campus View residence halls, a local apartment or room; they may also make arrangements to have a local mentor family.

International Programs Office

This office provides advising and support for UW-Richland's international students. Aaron Mayo is the International Programs Coordinator, responsible for working with the YFU and IREX programs, coordinating host and mentor family placements and activities, organizing special activities for international students, and providing general support to students from around the world.

Additional Information

International Student Brochure
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