Become an international host family through UW-Platteville Richland

By UW-Platteville Richland

(Richland Center, Wis.)  University of Wisconsin-Richland has one of the strongest international programs in the University of Wisconsin Colleges, with nearly 50 international students expected on campus for the 2018/19 academic year.  International students bring unique perspectives and a taste of new cultures (sometimes literally, with delicious new foods) to their communities. 

This fall, there are three students in need of host families for the 2018-19 academic year - Daehan from South Korea, Ji hee from South Korea, and Tran from Vietnam. Daehan (19 years old) loves automobile engineering, watching sports, reading, and bicycling. Ji Hee (21 years old) loves photography, hiking, and singing. Tran, or “Tim” (21 years old) plays in a band and enjoys photography, cooking, and soccer. All three students have strong English language skills and are eager to live with a family and truly experience American life.

Anyone can be a host parent if they are open to new experiences and they have an extra bed in their house and a place at their table. Bringing an international college student into a family can have enormous benefits for both the host and the student.  The experience offers families the chance to learn about another culture, practice a new language and broaden worldviews. Traditionally, international students share favorite meals and recipes from home and will often invite their American hosts to visit them after they return home. 

Any commitment, interaction and relationship helps the international program at UW-Richland to succeed. Opening a home to an international student for a dinner, a holiday, a semester, or a year offers an international friend for life.  

For more information about the international program at UW-Richland, contact International Student Coordinator Jessica Vodvarka for more information at or 608.647.6186 x246.  For more information about UW-Richland, visit  




Jessica Vodvarka
608.647.6186 x246