International students are coming to UW-Richland

From China, Korea, Liberia, Switzerland & Russia . . .

People may be surprised to learn that of the 13 UW Colleges freshman/sophomore campuses across the state, the University of Wisconsin-Richland attracts the greatest number of international students.

A number of UW-Richland international students are independent, which means that they may opt to live in campus student housing or make other arrangements. Students in the Youth for Understanding program have chosen to live with a local family as a way to better learn the culture and language, providing Richland area families with the opportunity to be engaged with a bright young person from abroad. While you provide a home-away-from-home, the student joins in as a family member, sharing their culture with you. The students profiled below, expected to arrive in mid-August, would like to join a local family.

Daria, 19, from Bremgarten, Switzerland looks forward to psychology and communication courses. She’s interested in an array of subjects including economics, earth sciences, and graphics/design. “I’m planning to take courses I’ve never had before,” she writes. She belongs to a table tennis club, plays volleyball and enjoys skiing. Traveling around the world is one of her aspirations, after she completes her studies. She looks forward to preparing her host family a typical Swiss meal. A few years ago, she lived in France with a host family, an experience she found enriching.

Evgeny, 17, from Moscow, Russia plays piano, guitar, drums and plays sports, too—soccer, basketball and volleyball. He’s a member of a rock band, math club, history club, English club and soccer club and enjoys literature, drama and reading, too. His top career interests are linguistics and law. One technique he uses to enhance his English is to change the language on his television to English and watch cartoons, sitcoms and other programs. Another way he practiced English was as a high school exchange student in Michigan. “I’ve memorized recipes of my favorite dishes,” he writes. He looks forward to cooking them for his host family, and sharing Russian history and culture.

Chu Qi, 17, from Dongguan, China, is considering a career as an interpreter. She enjoys spending time in the library reading, playing the violin, and skating. When she’s home from boarding school spending time with her family, they enjoy walking in the mountains and picnics. She plans to bring videos of ancient and current Chinese culture to share with her host family.

Daesung, 24, from Seoul, South Korea, plans a career as a chemical engineer. During his military service as a Marine with airborne training, he served as a translator working with a combined US and South Korean operation. He’s already completed a year of college in Seoul. He and his family attend mass together every Sunday and then have dinner together. This will be his second experience as an international student in the USA, as he was a high school exchange student in 2004-2005.

Na-young, 21, is also from Seoul, South Korea. Currently a university student majoring in economics, she’s aiming for a career in international sales with a financial company. She’s a member of her school photography club, as she enjoys taking photos as well as dancing, jogging and doing yoga. She looks forward to sharing photos of Korea with her host family.

Catherine, 17, is from Paynesville, Liberia. Aiming for a career as a cardiologist, she plans to focus her studies on science. She writes that presently there is only one cardiologist in her country and she plans to improve that situation. Theatre, dance and singing in choir are activities she enjoys. She attends church regularly and is a member of her church youth group and choir.

These students all speak English, have their own health insurance and spending money. To learn more about YFU, visit online or ask about the program by contacting the UW-Richland international programs office. Find out more about hosting. Get answers to your questions. Contact UW-Richland host family coordinator Colleen Halverson by email at or by phone at (608) 475-9665.



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