New freshmen honored with UW-Richland scholarships

By UW-Richland

Twenty-five new University of Wisconsin-Richland freshmen will begin their UW education this fall with scholarship support from the UW-Richland Scholarship Program. More than 40 new freshmen scholarships have been presented to students from 12 different schools. The scholarships were presented in recent weeks, most during high school awards ceremonies.

Boscobel High School
Rose-Mary Richardson, a total of $1100
                Knights of Columbus Scholarship ($600)
                Boscobel Area Sportsmen Club Scholarship ($500)

Eagle School
Christi DeYoung
                Garrison Lincoln Memorial Trust Scholarship ($850)

 George Hege, a total of $1400
                Kiwanis Scholarship ($500)
                Richland Physicians Scholarship ($500)
                Margo & Robert Knothe Scholarship ($400)

 Ithaca High School
Dustin King, a total of $650
                Kaul Family Scholarship ($400)
                Wallace, Cooper & Elliott Scholarship ($250)

Lacey Olson, a total of $300
                Garrison Lincoln Memorial Trust Scholarship ($175)
                Winslow Family Scholarship ($125)

Kaci Quinn
                Garrison Lincoln Memorial Trust Scholarship ($300)

Heather Stocks, a total of $750
                Five Points Lutheran Church – Ruth Circle Scholarship ($100)
                Garrison Lincoln Memorial Trust Scholarship ($225)
                Robert C. & Mary Elinore Jenkins Memorial Scholarship ($125)
                Carl & Ardith Hansen Scholarship ($300)

Alex Wachter
                Richland Center Fire Department Scholarship ($150)

Kickapoo High School
Columba Loniello, a total of $750
                Patch Family Scholarship ($400)
                Opportunity Scholarship ($350)

Lake Forest Illinois High School
Isaiah Reyes
                Ken Kretschmann Scholarship ($325)

Richland Center High School
Anna Harris
                Wisconsin Power and Richland Center Utilities Scholarship ($2000)

Levi Machovec
                Garrison Lincoln Memorial Trust Scholarship ($300)

Alyssa Marshall
                Garrison Lincoln Memorial Trust Scholarship ($300)

Lindsey Nicks
                Garrison Lincoln Memorial Trust Scholarship ($300)

Marissa Ringelstetter
                Garrison Lincoln Memorial Trust ($300)

 Ashlyn Tyl, a total of $750
                Carter & Georgia Harrison Scholarship ($250)
                Garrison Lincoln Memorial Trust Scholarship ($100)
Family Thrift Shop Scholarship ($400)

 Jacie Wilson
                Garrison Lincoln Memorial Trust Scholarship ($300)

Riverdale High School
Kyra Arellano, a total of $750
                Wallace, Cooper & Elliott Scholarship ($250)
                Opportunity Scholarship ($500)

Janay Wiedenfeld
                Helen Toms Memorial Scholarship ($300)

Seneca High School
Brianna Brockway  
                Opportunity Scholarship ($300)

Wauzeka-Steuben High School
Kaitlyn Bedtka
                Opportunity Scholarship ($300)

Weston High School
Stacie Luxton, a total of $1250
                Rotary/Steve Kennedy Memorial Scholarship ($500)
                Robert Kinder Scholarship ($500)
Helen Toms Memorial Scholarship ($250)

 Victoria Pyfferon, a total of $1200
                Alumni Association Scholarship ($300)
                Knights of Columbus Scholarship ($600)
Helen Toms memorial Scholarship ($300)

Wonewoc-Center High School
Stacey Garner
                Helen Toms Memorial Scholarship ($300)

Yueqing Jiju High School, located in Richland Center’s sister city in China,

Qiu Zheng
                Kusayama International Scholarship ($475)

In addition to these freshmen awards, the UW-Richland Scholarship Program made awards for 2014-2015 to continuing UW-Richland students and to UW-Richland students who have completed their UW-Richland studies and are moving on to complete their bachelor’s degrees. The UW-Richland Scholarship Program typically awards up to $100,000 each year. For more information about the UW-Richland Scholarship Program, see the campus website at or call the Office of Student Affairs at (608) 647-6186, Option 3.  ###


Dorothy Thompson
608.647.6186, ext. 231