STAR time for new UW-Richland freshmen

Registration for new freshmen

Starting college is an exciting time, with many choices to be made. New University of Wisconsin-Richland freshmen will  get assistance from advisors as they make the transition and those important choices—such as which courses to take—during their STAR (for SummerTime Advising and Registration) session. Now is the time for new freshmen to reserve their STAR date.

 For the best choice in courses, early participation is encouraged. Student Affairs staff want participants to know that STAR is not a drop-in program. Participants need to be there throughout the session. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend.

STAR sessions are scheduled: 

  • from 1 – 4:30pm on June 4, 6, 18, 25, 27; July 9 and 25; August 8 and 22, and
  • from 9am – 12:30pm on June 20 and July 11.

It is important that participants take their placement tests prior to their STAR session, as the results are used in advising. Those who have not yet taken placement tests will want to register for one of the sessions coming up Saturdays, May 11, May 18, June 1, or Wednesday, June 19. Placement testing is offered mornings prior to the July 9, August 8 and 22 STAR sessions.

Those who have not yet made college plans for fall still have time to apply for fall admission, as UW-Richland continues to accept applications. For more information about UW-Richland and to apply online, visit the campus website at

Advance registration for placement testing and for STAR is necessary. Students need to pay their $100 advance tuition deposit prior to registering for classes. To make an appointment for placement testing, STAR or for assistance, call the UW-Richland Office of Student Affairs at (608) 647-6186, and select option 3.



Dorothy Thompson
608.647.6186, ext. 231