Why Coppertop?

In addition to the word "Roadrunner," our campus mascot, you'll often hear the word "Coppertop" in the names of buildings and other things on campus. This is because UW-Richland buildings have distinctive copper roofs.

Classroom Building

A computer classroom is among features found in the Classroom Building where many of your lecture/discussion courses will be held. Computers in the computer classroom are all linked. In this building and throughout the campus, wireless internet access is available. An art studio is also located in this building.

Miller Memorial Library 

The online catalog, periodical databases, interlibrary loan system and internet research at the Miller Memorial Library puts the world at your fingertips. The local collection offers over 27,000 volumes and access to more than 100 online databases. A student computer lab, the Woodman LearningCenter, and Classroom 315 are located in the library, as is the Follett Bookstore. Learn more at: Miller Library.

Science Hall

Your laboratory science courses will usually meet in this building. This is where you may study the Earth (geology/geography) . . . the Stars (astronomy) . . . the World around you (physics, botany, biology) . . . the People in it (anatomy, physiology). An expansion & renovation of this building, completed in 2000-2001, added state-of-the-art labs, new distance education and laptop computer classrooms.

Smart Farm

The UW-Richland Smart Farm, with more than 190 acres of land, serves as a learning resource, for field trips and research projects, as well as providing learning opportunities for the community. View more information about the Smart Farm and on-going sustainable energy research.

Wallace Student Center

The Roadrunner Cafe and student lounge are located on the west side of the building. Plays and concerts take place in the Coppertop, located on the east side of the Wallace Student Center. Our music department is centered in this building. The Student Senate office is also located here. Meal plans are available for weekday breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Melvill Hall

Melvill Hall is your first stop to becoming a UW-Richland student. The Solution Center offices are located here. Solution Center staff can assist you with applications, admissions, financial aid, registration, testing, advising . . . and they'll be your referral center for almost any aspect of student life. Students will find many faculty and staff offices here, with instructors available to answer questions and clarify points during office hours and even beyond. The Sengstock Conference Room and Pippin Conference Center, located here, are sites of many meetings.

Campus View Apartments/Student Housing

Two student apartment facilities--Symons Hall and Deans Hall--are located just across from the campus. Campus View offers modern apartment-style or traditional double-room accommodations. Each apartment or pod has a full kitchen. On-site laundry, computer/internet and social/educational programming are included. A residence hall director and resident assistants provide support 24 hours a day.

Housing for up to 146 students is available. For more information, contact Campus View Corporation.