Health & Wellness

The University provides a range of services to support student health and wellness from disability accommodations, to alcohol and drug education, to mental health services. Students who aren't already covered by a family member's policy are encouraged to sign up for health insurance.

Information regarding student health insurance is available in the Solution Center or via a link in the Student Life section of the UW-Richland website or see UW College's Health Insurance page.


UW-Richland offers a wide array of health and wellness programming and activities for students, including an active intramural program, club soccer program, and open gym activities. In addition, the Roadrunners compete in the 13-school Wisconsin Collegiate Conference where competitive intercollegiate sports offered are women’s basketball & volleyball and men’s basketball. See Athletic Director Jose Jefferson for information. 

Varsity sports practices are usually scheduled after 4 p.m. and students who intend to participate should plan their class schedules accordingly.

The University does not provide health insurance coverage for injuries and accidents incurred in the gymnasium during instructional, intramural or varsity sports participation. Participants should be covered by a family or personal policy. Information on student health insurance policies is available in the Solution Center.

Athletes must be cleared by a physician before they practice or participate in varsity sports programs. Forms to be taken to a physician are available from the Athletic Director or online: Forms for Athletes.

This medical certification is good for two years. Students who plan to participate in a fall sport should return the completed form to the coach before practices begin.In addition to the facilities of the campus gymnasium, UW-Richland students also have a membership in the Symons Recreation Complex on campus. There you’ll find a 25-meter indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, racquetball courts and a fitness center. An additional $33/semester fee covers the use of the weight training area. 

Outdoor basketball and tennis courts as well as a cross-country ski trail are also located on campus.